buy The Walking Dead Glenn Vinyl Figurine

The Walking Dead Glenn Vinyl Figurine

The Walking Dead Vinyl Figurine

There we have Glenn from the Walking Dead and he looks like we seen him in the first season of the Walking Dead.

Glenn Rhee is made out of vinyl into a fun figurine that is great to add to any Walking Dead collection.

This Walking Dead figurine is about 3.75 inch tall and looks stunning and that while it is not a picture reproduction.
Glenn wears the same hat we have seen wear for a while and he brought a riffle to keep the walker at bay.

Just imagine having a complete collection of Walking Dead figurines that would be a great way to keep the walkers away.

Come and check out this The Walking Dead Glenn Figurine.

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buy Minion Dave Pop Vinyl Figurine

Minion Dave Pop Vinyl Figurine

Despicable Me Minion Dave Pop Vinyl Figurine

There is Dave one of the Minions from the Despicable Me 2 movie.

And Minion Dave is a vinyl figurine that looks just like the real Dave just without the strange language.

This pop vinyl figure is a great addition to you figurine collection and he looks almost real. It is a little bit freaky that the Minion keeps staring at me but hey I guess if you are a Minion you do things like that.

Despicable Me Dave is about 3.75 inch tall and fit right in with all the other Pop Vinyl figures Funko makes so if you like to collect fun figurines then why not start with this Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Pop Vinyl Figurine.

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buy The Governor Action Figure

The Governor Action Figure

The Walking Dead the Governor Pop figure

If you watch The Walking Dead then you know all about the town of Woodbury and their leader “The Governor” he seems to be a kind person on the outside but he is not really.

Now you can have your own The Governor action figure to add to your The Walking Dead collection.

The figure is 4 inch tall and of course shows the Governor wearing his eye patch.

A figure like his is just fun to own and add to your other figures you have collected over the years.

Time to order your own The Walking Dead The Governor Action Figure.

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buy Sally Pop Vinyl Figure

Sally Pop Vinyl Figure

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pop Vinyl Figure

Tim Burton creates the coolest characters and is an animated genius.

This is Sally from the Disney animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, find Sally as a Pop vinyl figure that has all of the awesome features like her pale complexion, purple hair, scar across face and of course that Sally trademark outfit that looks pieced and patched together.

Standing 3 3/4 inches this is a very durable vinyl figure that has style, collect all of these cool Disney Pop characters.

Have a closer look at the A Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Pop Vinyl Figure.

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buy Nick Fury Bobblehead

Nick Fury Bobblehead

Marvel The Avengers Nick Fury Bobblehead

The Avengers need Nick Fury and you need this The Avengers Nick Fury bobble head.

With a hight of 3.75″ Nick will watch you while at work and nodds his head at what ever you are doing.

A true Marvel collection can be without this Nick Fury bobblehead so maybe you should have a closer look at this Marvel The Avengers Nick Fury Bobblehead.

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buy Homer Simpson Pop! Vinyl Figure

Homer Simpson Pop! Vinyl Figure

DOH! That is Homer eating a donut, that is a familiar sight.

From the awsome animated television series The Simpsons this is a great way to show off your love for the Simpsons. This is a Pop! figure made from vinyl with cool features of Homer eating a donut, and it is fitting that his head is oversized.

Homer stands 4 inches tall and would be great to add to your Simpsons collection as it is packaged in a colorful window box, or put Homer Simpson on your desk at home or at work.

Read More About The Homer Simpson Pop! Vinyl Figure

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buy Wolverine Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead

Wolverine Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead

Marvel Wolverine Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead

Wolverine, a fierce and threatening Marvel Super hero is here in maybe a less threatening form.

A Pop! vinyl bobblehead, with many features and qualities portrayed in this great bobblehead of Wolverine, from his body suit to his mask you will not be dissapointed.

Standing 3 3/4 inches in height with the classic oversized head that bobbles, Wolverine is a great addition for the Marve comics collector, or take him out of the window box packaging and match him up against your other favorite Marvel Super heroes.

Get your Marvel Wolverine Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead.

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buy Captain America Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead

Captain America Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead

Marvel Captain America Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head

Put a cool new twist on your favorite Marvel Superhero Captain America with this Captain America Pop! vinyl bobblehead.

This Captain America is dressed in his classic red, white and blue and is armed with his signature sheild and the fun twist is he has an oversized bobblehead. The Captain America Pop! vinyl bobblehead is made from vinyl and stands approximtely 3 3/4-inches tall.

Collectors this is a must have for your Marvel Superhero collection with amazing fine detail and an awsome showcase window box it will look great in your collection.

Get your Marvel Captain America Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead.

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buy Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead

Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead

Marvel Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head

Marvel Superhero Spider-Man is always cool and slick, and so is this cool and slick Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead. With awsome detailed work on his famous Spider-Man body suit and his one hand posed ready to cast his web, and a cool looking oversized head that bobbles. This Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead figure stands about 3 3/4-inches tall and is made from vinyl, also for the serious collectors it comes in a window display box.

Get your Marvel Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead.

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buy Green Lantern Pop! Vinyl Figure

Green Lantern Pop! Vinyl Figure

Green Lantern Pop! Vinyl Figure

Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern is now a cool Pop! vinyl figure, what exactly does this mean. Well it means that the cool people from funko have made the Superhero Green Lantern into more than just a comic Superhero, he is now an adoradle finely detailed vinyl figure with a cute little smile. This is definetly a fun way to show your love for The Green Lantern and it will look great with your collection or on the desk top.

Get your Green Lantern Movie Pop! Vinyl Figure.