Disney Princess 2012 Calendar

Disney princess calendar 2012

How about your own personal princess calendar?

This 2012 calendar shows 6 of the Dinsey princesses including Snow White, Rapunzel and Ariel and is a poster style calendar that shows the whole year on one page.

But besides being a fun calendar with princesses on it this calendar is also personal for you.

Because between the picture and the calendar there is room for you message. For instance you can make the calendar say “Princess Sasha’s Calendar”.

And this calendar is availible in lots of different sizes so that it fits perfect for your needs.

Now is the time to order you own Disney Princess Personal Calendar.

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Disney Princesses Charm Bracelet

Disney Princesses Charm Bracelet

Jewelry fit for a Disney Princess!

If you love the beautiful Disney Princesses then this is one must have bracelet, featuring 3 different Disney Princess charms  Ariel, Belle and Sleeping Beauty(Aurora).

Made by CHARM IT!, this is a chain link bracelet that is  rhodium plated  and measures 7″ inches in length and is adjustable to fit smaller wrists. Each charm is approximately 1 inches in length and has amazing quality and detail.

Do not just stop there!!!  With an easy snap clasp you can add many other cool characters and Princesses to this bracelet.

Get your Aurora, Ariel & Belle Disney Princesses Charm Bracelet.

Disney Princess Total Fairy Tale Castle

Disney Princess Total Fairy Tale Castle

A Disney Princess must have item!!!

This truely is one of the most magical Disney Princess castles you will find, it will be the most memorable Disney castle in your collection or play set.

The Disney Princess total fairy tale castle is so unique, it features 50 different play pieces that will let you create any magical fairy tale moment. So.. this dream castle has 7 different Princess play areas, Tiana’s Kitchen, Belle’s Dining room, Jasmine’s Magic carpet elevator, Ariel’s Under the Sea Bathroom, Snow White’s Vanity room, Sleeping Beauty’s bedroom and Cinderella’s enchanting staircase.

With amazing attention to detail the Disney Princess total fairy tale castle is huge, it measures approximately 30″ (L) x 7.5″ (W) x 32″ (H)

Look for your Disney Princess Total Fairy Tale Castle.

Disney Princess DVD 2012 Wall Calendar

Disney Princess DVD 2012 Wall Calendar

All of your favorite Disney Princesses are here to help you keep track of the days and months with this magical Disney Princess 2012 wall calendar and DVD calendar.

The Princess callendar features many Disney Princesses in magnificent color and stunning artwork, and it also includes a really cool DVD of the calendar for your computer.

Bonus, as if the DVD wasn’t enough this calendar is a special 16 month calendar so order yours today and start ticking the days right away, Starts September 2011.

Get your Disney Princess DVD 2012 Wall Calendar.

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Disney Princess Scooter

Disney Princess Scooter Pink/Purple

Try something a little different for your little Princess.

Check out this magical looking Disney Princess scooter, a sure way to get to a princesses heart. This scooter has so much fine Disney Princess detail, with cool handle bar streamers and a handle bar bag to store some of the things you find on your Princess adventures. Also with adjustable handle bars and a skid-resistant foot plate to help your Disney Princess stay on the scooter. This three wheel scooter is made by Huffy, a company known for good quality and durability.

Order your kids Disney Princess Scooter.

Disney Princess Shoes

Disney Princess Shoes

Even a Princess has a good pair of running shoes, so all you little Princesses check out this pair of Disney Princess running shoes. These shoes feature an image of three of your favorite Disney Princesses, Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty and with cool pink heart accents. The best part of these Disney Princess running shoes is every step the heel lights up so your little Princess will just love wearing these, and the velcro straps make it easy to put on and off.

Find your Disney Princess Shoes.

Princess Hooded Towel

Disney Princess Hooded towel with build in crown.

Now you little girl can be a real princess. This Hooded towel has pictures of Disney Princesses all around.

But that is not enough to make you girl feel special.

This towel has a build in crown so when she wears the towel it will look like she is wearing a crown.

Make you little princess look like one with this Princess Hooded Towel.

buy Disney Princess Magazines

Disney Princess Magazines

The beautiful Disney Princesses, how about a magazine that shows more than just their pretty face.

Read up on your favorite Princess, learn more about them, there favorite color some of there hobbies and so much more. Check out this cool Disney Princess magazine offer.

Read More About The Disney Princess Magazines

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buy Princess Wall Decal Set

Princess Wall Decal Set

A princess dreams of having a room full of her favorite Disney Princesses. This huge set of wall decals include the ever popular Princess Aurora, Princess Cinderella and Princess Belle along with 17 other princess themed decals to create your own magical princess land.

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Disney Princess PEZ

Disney Princess PEZ Enchanted Tales set

All of your favorite Disney Princesses in one super cool box of PEZ dispensers. Titled Enchanted Tales, these collectable PEZ dispensers come in a window box package so you can showcase your favorite Disney Princesses without opening the box.

Get your Disney Princess PEZ Dispenser Collector Set Enchanted Tales.