buy Golden Girls Sophia PEZ Dispenser

Golden Girls Sophia PEZ Dispenser

Now you can get your own Golden Girls Sophia PEZ Dispenser.

If you like The Golden Girls and candy then you are in luck as this is the typical PEZ dispenser and it is pink with on top the head of Sophia from The Golden Girls and she has white hair and her big glasses.

The pink base will hold a pack of PEZ candies and a pack is included and then when you fold the head of Sophia back a candy will appear.

And this PEZ dispenser comes in a fun box that you can look into so that you can see Sophia even without unpacking her.

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buy Big Bird Giant PEZ

Big Bird Giant PEZ

Sesame Street Big Bird Giant Pez.

PEZ collectors must have!!!!

Sesame street favorite Big Bird is here to give you more than just a great lesson……..CANDY.

12 inches in height this giant PEZ dispenser features the head of Big Bird, well made and awsome detail this Big Bird also plays some cool and fun music and includes 12 rounds of PEZ fun.

The window box style will allow you to keep this Sesame Street Big Bird in mint condition, by not opening it, while letting you display and view it whenever you need to.

Find your Seasame Street Big Bird Giant Pez.

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Darth Vader Giant PEZ

Star Wars Darth Vader Giant PEZ

PEZ collectors really want this item and I am sure that Star Wars collectors also have their eye on it.

This is a giant PEZ of Darth Vader. So as expected this PEZ is black and has the head of Darth Vader on it.

But this giant PEZ does more. If Darth Vader give a PEZ candy it will play Star Wars music.

The Darth Vader PEZ is 12″ tall and comes with 12 packs of PEZ candies.

OK Star Wars fans come check out this Star Wars Darth Vader Giant PEZ.

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Hello Kitty Giant PEZ Dispenser

Hello Kitty Giant pez candy dispenser

There is Hello Kitty but this time the famous kitten looks a bit different. OK she still has the typical Hello Kitty head with red bow but the rest of her body is straight and red.

Yes you already noticed it to that this Hello Kitty is a PEZ candy dispenser.
And not just a small dispenser either no this is a giant 12″ Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser.

And this Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser comes with 12 packs of PEZ candies to go in to the dispenser.

If you want this Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser for your collecntion then be quick as there are not made any more so when all of them are sold then the party is over.

Come check out this Hello Kitty Giant PEZ Candy Dispenser. 

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Homer Simpson Giant PEZ

The SImpsons giant PEZ of Homer Simpson

How about a 12″ PEZ?

Yes this is a giant PEZ despenser of Homer Simpsons.

The Simpsons fans are going crazzy over this item and I am sure that PEZ collectors want Homer to.

This giant Homer Simpson PEZ comes with two packs of PEZ candies so that you can use it like any other PEZ dispenser.

Time to shop Simpsons, time to get your Homer Simpson Giant PEZ Dispenser.

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Disney Princess PEZ

Disney Princess PEZ Enchanted Tales set

All of your favorite Disney Princesses in one super cool box of PEZ dispensers. Titled Enchanted Tales, these collectable PEZ dispensers come in a window box package so you can showcase your favorite Disney Princesses without opening the box.

Get your Disney Princess PEZ Dispenser Collector Set Enchanted Tales.

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Star Trek PEZ Set

The cool space series Star Trek is so cool there is a Limeted Edition PEZ collectors set with all of your favorite Star Trek characters. This is a cool addition to your Star Trek collection, and for serious collectors this series of Pez dispensers coms in window box packaging and is numbered as part of the Limeted Edition.

Find your PEZ Star Trek Limited Edition, Numbered Collectors Set.

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Cars PEZ Dispensers


Disney Cars PEZ: 12ct

The awsome Disney Pixar film Cars and all of it’s cool animated characters are here to feed your need for candy. These cool Cars characters are featured as PEZ dispensers with Mater, Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Sally and more. Let these Disney Cars characters give you a little boost.

Find your Disney Cars PEZ Dispensers12 Pack.

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