buy Rocky’s Recycling Truck

Rocky’s Recycling Truck

Little PAW Patrol fans really want this Rocky’s Recycling Truck.

Kids that love watching PAW Patrol and recycling really need this truck as it is a great toy to play with a sit has the green truck that can hold Rocky and can open on the back so that it can hold stuff like recycling small enough to fit in the toy car. And the PAW Patrol toy includes Rocky himself and he is ready for play time.

So anyone that likes toy trucks and PAW Patrol will love to get this fun truck and as it comes in a cool box it will look great wrapped and become a birthday present for a big fan of Rocky.

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buy PAW Patrol Rocky Hoodie

PAW Patrol Rocky Hoodie

Now there is this PAW Patrol Rocky Hoodie that is just perfect for all the little PAW Patrol fans.

If your toddler love Rocky from PAW Patrol then this is the hoodie you need to get them as it is green like Rocky and has his big face on front.

You can get this PAW Patrol hoodie in toddler sizes T2 – T5 and they are all made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and has a big zipper on the front so that it can work as a jacket too.

I am sure that you will be loved so much more when you surprised you child with this adorable hoodie.

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buy PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

PAW Patrol Pups Lamp

Now you can light up the room of you child with this fun PAW Patrol table lamp.

The table lamp has a cool shade that has a light blue background and on that, you will find Chase, Marshall, Rubble, and Rocky and even the PAW Patrol logo.

It’s just a fun lamp that will make a child that loves PAW Patrol really happy.

And if you don’t want a table lamp but still want to light up a room PAW Patrol style then you can also get the same design on a smaller standing lamp or a hanging lamp and even just as a lamp shade.

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buy PAW Patrol Luncheon Napkins

PAW Patrol Luncheon Napkins

If you are going to have a PAW Patrol party then paper napkins are a must have.

And you are in luck because these luncheon napkins would be perfect for any PAW Patrol party.

On the napkins you can see the PAW Patrol logo and Chase, Rocky, Marshall and Zuma and they are all playing and having fun.

You will get 16 napkins in a pack and that could be plenty for your party.

And paper napkins are always fun to have. PAW Patrol napkins are special of course and that can even make you child love to wipe it’s face after dinner.

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buy PAW Patrol 62 x 90 Blanket

PAW Patrol 62 x 90 Blanket

Does your child need a fun blanket for on their bed?

How about this PAW Patrol blanket that is 62 x 90 inch and has 3 adorable pups on it.

The blanket has a blue background with paw prints on it and on the bottom you find a red part with the words “PAW Patrol” on it but the main thing of course is the 3 dogs. You can find Chase, Marshall and Rocky on this blanket and they all look really happy to be on this blanket.

If you child does not like a blanket on their bed then that will change when they see this adorable PAW Patrol blanket.

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