buy Superman Caped Socks

Superman Caped Socks

Superman fans can now wear their shorts to the park and wear some amazing Superman socks.

These socks have capes build in so each sock has it own red Superman cape.

Besides the cape the socks are blue with red accents and the Superman Logo on the front.

These Superman socks fit women’s size 6 1/2 to men’s size 12.

And please don’t try to fly with these Superman socks.

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buy Batman Socks

Batman Socks

Batman AXO racing MX boot socks

AXO Racing made these amazing Batman socks.

And these are just not normal socks it’s like they are superhero socks.

The socks are designed to wear in boots but that doesn’t have to stop you to wear them in your sandals.

The Batman socks offer extra heel and arch support and will wick the moister away from your skin.

I am pretty sure that these are the socks Batman wears in his boots.

Come check out these amazing Batman Socks.

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Betty Boop Mini Crew Socks (4 Pair)

Betty Boop Socks

If you like Betty Boop then you are in luck.

Now you can have 4 pairs of Betty Boop socks for the price of one yes they are real cheap.

These Betty Boop socks are mini crew socks in size 9 – 11.

Each pair has a different style, color and print. They of course all have Betty on it and there are stripes and stars to.

So lots of fun socks for everyday use.

Come check out these fun Betty Boop Socks.

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buy District 12 socks

District 12 socks

Nights in Panem can get cold and that is why everyone in District 12 get a pair of knee high District 12 socks.

Peeta, Gale and Katniss would not have survived without these amazing socks.

These socks are grey and have the District 12 logo on top and the words “The Hunger Games” under the foot.

If you want to support the home district of Katniss Everdeen then you should be wearing these nice and warm District 12 socks.

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Hello Kitty Bandit Socks

Hello Kitty knee hight Bandit socks

Hello Kitty is not always nice and cute, sometimes she becomes a real bandit.

And the Hello Kitty Bandit that is what you see on these knee high socks.
These Hello Kitty socks show the Hello Kitty Bandit on top and strips from top to the ankle where it becomes white with black toes and back and the word “Hello Kitty” on the side / bottom.

The Hello Kitty socks are made out of a Cotton / Nylon / Spandex mix and are one size fits all.

If you like some nice adult sizes Hello Kitty socks then come check out these Hello Kitty Bandit Striped Knee High Socks. 

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Lightning McQueen Socks

Cars 2 lightning McQueen Socks

Your kids are gone love these socks.

Cars is probably still one of you kids favourite movies and now he can wear these nice Cars socks.

This is a set of 3 pairs of Lightning McQueen socks and the socks of course come in different colors so that it aleast looks like your kid wear something else 😉

You just have to have a much closer look at these super fast Cars Lightning McQueen Socks.

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buy Hello Kitty Striped Socks

Hello Kitty Striped Socks

Colorfull striped hello kitty socks

As long as we have feet we will like socks and as long as kitties are cute we will love Hello Kitty.

And not both come together in this set of 5 pairs of colorful Hello Kitty socks. Yes 5 pairs of socks with Hello kitty  on it all in different colors so that you have on for every day of the work week.

If you like Hello Kitty and need some fresh socks then this is the set to go for.

Check out this set of Hello Kitty Socks.

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Tigger Superstar Socks


Tigger Superstar Socks size 9-11

This polyester blend pair of Tigger socks will look great on you. They come in size 9-11.

Tigger is printed on the socks so are many stars and the word superstar because we all know Tigger is the superstar.

On the back top of the sock there is a little Tigger face not printed but a real shape that sticks out. These socks will look great under a skirt or shorts because then people who walk behind you see Tigger starring at them.

Check out these super Tigger Superstar Socks.

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