buy Janet Hi There Journal

Janet Hi There Journal

If you want to write you thoughts down then check out this Janet Hi There Journal that is based on The Good Place.

So if you like Janet from The Good Place and want a cool notebook then this hardcover journal is perfect as the cover is white and shows Janet in her typical purple Dres and the text “Hi there!” above her just like she would say.

You’re The Good Place journal has 128 pages and comes in rule, graph, and blank paper.

So you can use this fun notebook for back to school, the office, or at home to write down you ideas and thoughts.

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buy Michael And Eleanor On The Couch Sticker

Michael And Eleanor On The Couch Sticker

Now there is this Michael And Eleanor On The Couch Sticker for all the fans of The Good Place.

This Good place sticker is vinyl and comes in different sizes making it perfect for on almost anything from you water bottle to your laptop and maybe even the fridge or anything else flat.

As you can see the sticker shows the yellow couch and on it you can find a happy looking Michael and next to him a shocked looking Eleanor Shellstrop.

It is a great sticker to have and I am sure it will look great with other stickers you have.

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buy Eleanor Pobody’s Nerfect T-Shirt

Eleanor Pobody’s Nerfect T-Shirt

Now there is this Eleanor Pobody’s Nerfect T-Shirt based on The Good Place TV show.

You can get this The Good Place t-shirt in lots of colors and in sizes Small – 3XL and it is an unisex t-shirt so it will look great on both men and women and you can even choose to have the print on the front or the back of the shirt.

On the t-shirt you can see the text “Pobody’s Perfect” in yellow and below it you can find an image of Eleanor and she is pointing to the text.

As we all know that nobody is perfect this t-shirt is even more perfect and that makes it a fun shirt even if you never heard of The Good Place.

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