buy Have A Smurfy Christmas T-Shirt

Have A Smurfy Christmas T-Shirt

Of course the Smurfs like Christmas to and this t-shirt proves that.

On this green adult size t-shirt you can see snow, presents, Christmas tree and yes many Smurfs doing Christmas things. Smurfette is riding a sleigh that is pulled by Smurfs and Papa Smurf is playing Santa Claus.
Above the picture it says “Have A Smurfy Christmas”.

This fun t-shirt is a great replacement for an ugly Christmas sweater and can last many holidays.

You can get this Smurf Christmas t-shirt in sizes Small – 5XL and all are made from 100% cotton.

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buy Smurf Spaced Out T-Shirt

Smurf Spaced Out T-Shirt

Are you a fan of the little blue creatures that are called The Smurfs? If so you will love to wear this cute spaced out Smurf t-shirt.

You will be singing La La La La La La on your way to space when you have on this cool space Smurf t-shirt.

This blue spaced out Smurf t-shirt features Astro Smurf in a astronauts outfit looking like he is floating in space with the quote ” SPACED OUT ” right above the space Smurf.

It is a 60% cotton and 40 % polyester t-shirt that is tagless and fits true to size. Available in sizes small to 2 XL.

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buy The Smurfs Cupcake Rings

The Smurfs Cupcake Rings

Lets decorate some cupcakes for your Smurf birthday party.

These cupcake rings come in a pack of 12 and are shaped like Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and a normal Smurf.
Just imagine them in a cupcake they will look so cute.

And you can use them as party favors too. Or just get some plain colored napkins and use them as napkin rings that will look super cute too.

You Smurf party will be so much more fun thanks to these cupcake rings.

Enjoy planning your  Smurf party and you kid will enjoy all your hard work.

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buy The Smurfs Party Plates

The Smurfs Party Plates

The Smurfs Paper Plates

Are you planning a Smurf party?

If you are then the question is did you see these fun paper plates that have smurfs on it and that makes them great for all the Smurfs parties out there.

These square plates show a picture of Clumsy Smurf, Smurfette and Papa Smurf and they really want to be at your party.

The Smurfs paper plates come in a pack of 8 so that you are ready to go for you and your friends.

I think we agree that a Smurf party just need these The Smurfs Paper Plates.

buy Smurfette Wig

Smurfette Wig

The Smurfs Yellow hair Smurfette Wig

If you want to be the sexy lady Smurf this Halloween then you will need yellow hair.

And as most of us do not have yellow hair a wig would be the perfect.

This wig makes you look just like Smurfette with amazing yellow hair.
Of course you will need a blue face but this Smurf Makeup can help with that.

This Smurfette wig is an officially licensed product so it should be just like the hair the Smurf uses.

So if you want to be Smurfette this Halloween then come and get your The Smurfs Smurfette Wig.

buy The Smurfs Nose And Makeup Kit

The Smurfs Nose And Makeup Kit

The Smurfs Nose And Makeup Kit

If you want to become a Smurf then you probably found out that this is not easy.

We can help you to become a Smurf this Halloween with this makeup kit.

This kit includes a tube of Smurf blue makeup and a Smurf blue nose.
Of course you can’t be a real Smurf but this is pretty close from the real thing.

This The Smurfs makeup is water washable and with the rubber nose this will make you pretty blue.

Come and become a Smurfs with this The Smurfs Nose And Makeup Kit.

buy The Smurfs Wall Calendar 2014

The Smurfs Wall Calendar 2014

The Smurfs Wall Calendar 2014

Calendars are a great way to see what day it is and what maybe happening soon.

And this Smurfs calendar does exactly that but with fun pictures of many different Smurfs and even some other creatures from the Smurfs 2 movie.

And this is not your standard 12 month calendar, no this one is 16 months and that means that it already starts in September 2013.

Click on the picture and see who besides Smurfette and Papa Smurf are part of this 2014 wall calendar.

And after that you just want to get you own copy of The Smurfs 2014 Wall Calendar.

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buy Grouchy Smurf Water Bottle

Grouchy Smurf Water Bottle

Grouchy Smurf water bottle

We all need to stay hydrated and for that we need a nice water bottle.

This water bottle is Smurf blue and even has a picture of Grouchy Smurf on it. But don’t worry he will only be grumpy when you don’t drink your water.

This bottle has a nice flip top cap to easily get access to the water and still keep a leak free bottle when carrying around.

This the Smurfs water bottle is 25oz and that is great for school, work or a day outside. The fun thing about this bottle is that it is all in Smurf colors with the bottle being blue and the top being white.

Come and have a closer look at this The Smurfs Grouchy Smurf Water Bottle.

buy The Smurfs I Rather Be Blue Backpack

The Smurfs I Rather Be Blue Backpack

The Smurfs I Rather Be Blue Backpack

Going back to school will be way more fun if you have a Smurf backpack.

This the Smurfs backpack has two compartments both with zippers to close them and two mesh side pockets for things like a water bottle. And then there is the graphics. On the bigger compartment it says “I’d Rather Be Blue” and then on the smaller compartment you see a happy Smurf agains a green background and a city skyline.

And this the Smurfs backpack is 16″ tall making it big enough for school and many other activities.

You backpack is your important part of your gear so start with this The Smurfs 16 Inch Backpack.

buy The Smurfs Napkins

The Smurfs Napkins

The Smurfs luncheon Napkins

A Smurf party would not be complete without some Smurf napkins.

These fun napkins show a picture of the village where the Smurfs live complete with one of their mushroom houses.
Besides this fun scene there is also the The Smurfs logo on these party napkins.

16 paper napkins can be found in each pack of The Smurfs Napkins and that will be a nice amount to get your party started.

Don’t get all blue because you missed these napkins so come and order your The Smurfs Party Napkins.