buy Wonder Woman Cupcake Rings

Wonder Woman Cupcake Rings

If you want the perfect Wonder Woman cupcakes then you just need these Wonder Woman cupcake rings.

The Wonder Woman cupcake rings come 12 in a pack and there are different versions in the back so that not all the cupcakes look the same. Some will have just the Wonder Woman logo while others have an images of the female superhero on it.

Besides fun for cupcakes you can use these plastic Wonder Woman rings as napkin holders and they are fun rings for kids too so they can be party favors to.

If you are planning the perfect Wonder Woman party then you just need these party supplies.

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buy Peppa Pig Cupcake Rings

Peppa Pig Cupcake Rings

If you want cupcakes for the Peppa Pig birthday party then these Peppa Pig cupcake rings are what you need.

There are 24 rings in a pack and they are two designs in the pack one ring has Peppa Pig on them and the other design shows her brother, George.

Besides fun for on cupcakes you can also use these cupcake rings as party favors and napkin rings.

If your little one wants a Peppa Pig themed birthday party then cupcakes will be the perfect treat and you can bake them yourself or buy them in store and by adding the rings they will be Peppa Pig approved in seconds.

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buy Duck Dynasty Cupcake Rings

Duck Dynasty Cupcake Rings

A Duck Dynasty party would be perfect with the right cupcakes and now any cupcake can become the perfect cupcake for you Duck Dynasty party.

This set of 24 cupcake rings can be used with any cupcake. Just stick it in on top and you are set.

There are rings with Jase, Willie, Phil and of course Uncle Si and then there are some that just say “Duck Dynasty” with ducks.

Adults and kids are gone love these fun cupcake rings and besides for cupcakes they are great for decorating napkins and even as party favor or to mark a wine glass.

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buy Sofia The First Cupcake Rings

Sofia The First Cupcake Rings

Sofia The First Cupcake Rings

If cupcakes are the party cake of choice and the the theme is Sofia the First then some fun cupcake rings would be perfect to decorate.

These Sofia The First cupcake rings come in a pack of 12 and  shows Sofia, Clover and Mia and the rings come in pink and purple colors to make them even more princess like.

Besides being great for cupcakes these Sofia The First cupcake rings are also great as party favor or to decorate a big cake.

A Sofia The First birthday party would become so much better if you use these fun cake decorations.

You should take a closer look at these Sofia The First Cupcake Rings.

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buy The Smurfs Cupcake Rings

The Smurfs Cupcake Rings

Lets decorate some cupcakes for your Smurf birthday party.

These cupcake rings come in a pack of 12 and are shaped like Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and a normal Smurf.
Just imagine them in a cupcake they will look so cute.

And you can use them as party favors too. Or just get some plain colored napkins and use them as napkin rings that will look super cute too.

You Smurf party will be so much more fun thanks to these cupcake rings.

Enjoy planning your  Smurf party and you kid will enjoy all your hard work.

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buy Captain America Cupcake Rings

Captain America Cupcake Rings

Captain America Cupcake Rings

Your Captain America party will be a big hit with these cupcake rings based on Captain America.

These Captain America come in two designs of witch you can find 6 of each in this pack (12 cupcake rings in a pack)

The first ring is the famous shield that Captain America always carries and the second design shows Captain America in action all dress up trusting his shield forward.

Both Captain America cupcake rings are fun and will really make those cupcakes look like superhero cupcakes.

A Captain America need a Captain America cake or Captain America cupcakes and if you go for the cupcakes then you need these Captain America Cupcake rings.

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buy Frozen Cupcake Rings

Frozen Cupcake Rings

Frozen Cupcake Rings

A Frozen birthday party that has cupcakes need some fun themed cupcake rings.
Luckily for you there are special Frozen cupcake rings.

These cupcake rings come in a pack of 24 and have 6 different designs.
The rings are shaped like a snowflake and can have a picture of Sven, Hans, Anna, Olaf, Elsa or the Frozen logo.

Not only are these rings a great and simple way to make a normal cupcake look like a Frozen cupcake they are also great for the kids to play with and to collect.

So don’t think about having a Frozen party without these Frozen Cupcake Rings.

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buy Minion Cupcake Rings

Minion Cupcake Rings

despicable me cupcake rings shaped like minions

How much fun will the kids have with Minion cupcake rings?

I am sure they gone have so much fun with these that it will make your Despicable Me party a success.

These cupcake rings come in a pack of 12 and they have assorted shapes so they are not all the same Minion and that makes them great for collecting to.

But as cupcake rings there are great just bake your own cupcakes and put some blue icing on it and put the ring it and you are good to go.

Your Despicable Me party will be so much fun with cupcakes that have these Despicable Me Minion Cupcake Rings.

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buy Happy Feet Penguin Face Cupcake Rings

Happy Feet Penguin Face Cupcake Rings

Happy Feet Penguin Face Cupcake Rings

Cupcake rings are so much fun and a great way to easily make themed baked goods.

These rings look like the face of a penguin that just walked out of the Happy Feet movies.

They are easy in use as you just stick them in to a cupcake and now they are Happy Feet cupcakes.

And after the cupcakes are done you still have a fun party favor shaped like a ring. Kids love these rings an they are great for collecting.

The penguin rings come in a set of 12 so that you can have a nice party going with those.

Come and check out these Happy Feet Penguin Cupcake Rings.

buy Mockingjay Cupcake Rings

Mockingjay Cupcake Rings

Hunger Games fans will like these cupcake rings.

They are Mockingjay pins just like the one Katniss wears.

And when you have a Hunger Games party then you can just get a bunch of store bought cupcakes and stick these rings in an you have Hunger Games cupcakes.

These rings are also great as party favors and you can even use them as napkin rings to make the Hunger Games theme complete.
And you get 12 Mockinjay rings in one pack so that will make 12 amazing cupcakes from District 12.

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