buy Caillou Running Red T-Shirt

Caillou Running Red T-Shirt

Do you know a little kid that loves Caillou?

Sure you do and for that kid they specially made this red Caillou t-shirt.

Besides having a picture of a running Caillou the t-shirt also gets a name printed on it (no extra cost).
So you Caillou loving kid can have it’s own personal Caillou t-shirt.

Everyone wants to be friends with Caillou and if your name is on the Caillou t-shirt that should mean that you are best of friends.

The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is red with a big picture of a running Caillou on it.
You can print a name up to 9 characters on the shirt.
And the Caillou t-shirt comes in sizes 2T all the way to 10/12.

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buy Elmo Toddler Winter Boots

Elmo Toddler Winter Boots

Winter is great but how do you keep your little once feet dry and warm?

Simple give him or her some nice winter boots like these once based on Elmo from Sesame Street.

These winter boots have rubber sole with tons of traction and a red top part that is moisture resistant nylon.

Of course the top part is in the color Elmo red and even has a picture of Elmo and hit name on it.

You can get these Sesame Street winter boots in toddler sizes 5T to 10T.

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buy Hello Kitty Little Kids Sneakers

Hello Kitty Little Kids Sneakers

Kids deserve fun and good shoes from the day they get born.

And that is why you should have a look at these comfortable and super cute Hello Kitty shoes from Keds.

These shoes come in a wide range of sizes starting at 4M (toddler) going up t0 12M (little kid).
The shoes are white and have red polka dots all over them and some fun Hello Kitty details.
On the top of the shoe you see Hello Kitty’s face and then on the side of the sole you find a bow an the strap buckle has a fun little red bow on it as well.

These quality kids shoes are made from leather and have a rubber sole.

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buy Woody Kids Costume

Woody Kids Costume

Which Toy Story toy do you play with the most?

If it is Woody then i’m sure you want to dress up for halloween or any costume parties like this cool animated character from the hit movie series of Disney / Pixar’s Toy Story.

This is a costume that has all the fun and cool details of Woody, find a body suit with attached vest and holster, boot spats with spurs, bandana, and the very durable and cool cowboy hat.

Available in child sizes: Toddler (3T-4T), Small (4-6), and Medium (7-8). and this officially licensed Disney’s Woody costume is machine washable.

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buy Eeyore Baby Costume

Eeyore Baby Costume

Eeyore is my favorite Winnie the Pooh character and now you little one can be just like Eeyore.

This bodysuit makes a toddler look just like Eeyore. It is a complete bodysuit that includes and attached hood with the funny hair and ears of our favorite donkey.

And this costume fits 12 to 18 months and makes them all ready for their first real Halloween.

If Winnie the Pooh is part of your Halloween then make your little one be Eeyore.

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buy Sesame Street Elmo Costume

Sesame Street Elmo Costume

Sesame Street Elmo Costume

With this Elmo costume your kids will be just like their favorite red friend.

And this costume is complete with atached hoodie that has the famouse big Elmo eyes and of course has mittens and feet to.

You can get thise Elmo costume in all the toddler sizes and with that you kids will be a hit while going around the neighborhood with Halloween.

And besides Halloween this Sesame Street costume will be popular for many dress up days in your home.

Come and get your kid this Sesame Street Elmo Plush Toddler Costume.

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buy Yoda Toddlers Costume

Yoda Toddlers Costume

Dress up like a true Jedi Master.

From Star Wars this is a costume that features the Jedi master Yoda, a very well made hooded robe which shuts in the front with velcro and attached is a mock shirt that zips up.

The headpiece is really well detailed and is easy to put on with a snap underneath the chin and made of a super soft plush material.

Availale in Newborn, Infant and Toddler sizes.

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buy Garfield Kids And Toddler Costume

Garfield Kids And Toddler Costume

Garfield kids and toddler costume

When dress up time comes you really want to look different then you normally do.

And now you can look like Garfield the fun and strange orange cat.

This Garfield costume comes in a range of toddler and kids sizes.

Now you can dress up for Halloween or any other dress up day and play Garfield the cat.

The Garfield costume includes a jumpsuite, mits, headpiece and foot covers.

Get ready to be Garfield with this Garfield Toddler And Kids Costume.

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buy Spider-Man Toddler Shoes

Spider-Man Toddler Shoes

Is your boy crazy about Spider-Man? If he is then he will love these cools shoes.

Who doesn’t want to own his own pair of Spider-Man shoes. The shoes are available in toddler sizes and are easy to wear and of course have all kind of cool Spider-Man details even on the sole.

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Cars Winter Jacket


Disney Cars Winter Jacket

If your kid like Lightning McQueen and is in need of a winter jacket then you are in luck.

This yellow jacket has Lightning McQueen printed on the front pocket and a while Cars racing scene is printed on the back.

Gentlemen start your engine and race in all kind of weather while wearing this fun Cars jacket.

The jacket comes in a range of kids sizes 2 – 7, so come and make your cars fan happy with a new jacket.

Come and check out the Disney Cars Winter Jacket.

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