buy Womens BB’s An Eight Ball T-Shirt

Womens BB’s An Eight Ball T-Shirt

Womens BB's An Eight Ball T-Shirt

Star Wars features a new character BB-8. He is an android who belonged to a resistance pilot so he fits in to a T-70 X-Wing fighter. But now you can have a fun play on his name in the form of a t-shirt.

The graphic on this t-shirt is two big “B”‘s at the top of the t-shirt in grey. There is then a spin on BB-8 from Star Wars. Instead of the normal body on BB-8, he has an eight ball for a body. Super fun and inventive.

7 colors are what you will find to start off your t-shirt creation. You can then pick your size between XSmall up to XL. You can choose to put the graphic on the front or the back of the t-shirt. It is made of 100% cotton and is a women’s scoop neck fit.

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