buy Classic Jaws Movie Poster T-Shirt

Classic Jaws Movie Poster T-Shirt

Spielberg Jaws Movie Poster T-Shirt

Dun-nun, dun-nun, oh no. Look out! It’s a shark! Well it’s really just a movie poster of a shark and one of the most famous sharks of all.

This t-shirt features a movie poster of the 1975 thriller Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg. The red letters and the large shark teeth are all this t-shirt needs to make you a little uncomfortable.

It comes in men’s sizes S to 2XL, is charcoal grey and is a distressed screen print to make it look a little retro. That is exactly what makes it a perfect t-shirt.

Don’t forget that sharks have feelings too in this Spielberg Jaws Movie Poster T-Shirt.

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