buy Harry Potter Wizards Welcome Doormat

Harry Potter Wizards Welcome Doormat

If you want to prevent dirt in your home then you should check out this Harry Potter wizards welcome doormat.

The doormat has a black edge and a cream color with on it in black letters the text “Wizards Welcome (Muggles Tolerated)”.

So a true Harry Potter fan understand what this doormat is all about and will wipe its shoes before entering your home.

The Harry Potter doormat is 2 x 3 feet in sizes and made for indoor use so don’t put it out in the rain and snow because then it may not last very long.

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buy Autobot More Than Meets The Eye T-Shirt

Autobot More Than Meets The Eye T-Shirt

If you like the Transformers and want a cool shirt then you need this Autobot more than meets the eye t-shirt.

The t-shirt is available in styles for men and women and it comes in many colors and in sizes Small – 6XL.

On the shirt you can find a grid in he background and on top of that you can find a real shiny looking Autobot logo and around it you see the text “More Than Meets The Eye”.

Some colors work better then other so click on the picture and check out all the colors to see how the Autobot design looks on that color shirt.

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buy Black Panther Heat Changing Mug

Black Panther Heat Changing Mug

Now there is a cool Black Panther heat changing mug.

The mug is black and has on one side the Black Panther logo and the other side shows the Black Panther mask and it looks really black and then when you put your hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in it and the mask will change color to look even cooler and maybe even look like 3D.

The 20oz mug is great in size but you have to wash it by hand and can not use it in the microwave because then your heat changing feature will break.

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buy Wonder Woman Cupcake Rings

Wonder Woman Cupcake Rings

If you want the perfect Wonder Woman cupcakes then you just need these Wonder Woman cupcake rings.

The Wonder Woman cupcake rings come 12 in a pack and there are different versions in the back so that not all the cupcakes look the same. Some will have just the Wonder Woman logo while others have an images of the female superhero on it.

Besides fun for cupcakes you can use these plastic Wonder Woman rings as napkin holders and they are fun rings for kids too so they can be party favors to.

If you are planning the perfect Wonder Woman party then you just need these party supplies.

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buy Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom T-Shirt

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom T-Shirt

Now you can have your one Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom t-shirt.

The black t-shirt is great on men and women and is made from 100% cotton and it is available in sizes Small – 2XL.

On the black t-shirt you can see in a gray color the Jurassic World logo and now it says Fallen Kingdom on it too making this a Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom logo t-shirt.

Warn the world that the dinosaurs are still alive by wearing this Jurassic World t-shirt.

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buy Women’s Leia Bathing Suit

Women’s Leia Bathing Suit

If you like Princess Leia and swimming then you should check out this women’s Leia bathing suit.

The women’s one piece swimsuit is white just like the famous Princess Leia outfit and even has the belt she wears printed in silver on the outfit and then on one of the shoulder straps you can see the Rebel logo also in silver making it legit Star Wars wear.

You can get this Star Wars swimsuit in women’s sizes Small – 2XL.

Now you are all set to feel like a princess when going for a dip in the pool or enjoying a day at the beach.

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buy Ready Player One Bath Bomb Set

Ready Player One Bath Bomb Set

If you like a nice bath in style then you need this Ready Player One bath bomb set.

The bath bomb set includes 3 bath bombs and they are the tree keys we are all searching for to get to the Easter egg to gain control to the Oasis.

The copper, jade, and crystal key all have a different scent and they are peppermint, honey, and lavender because you want to smell great while taking a bath after a long day in the Oasis hunting for keys.

And these Ready Player one bath bombs make for the perfect present for the Art3mis in your life.

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buy Captain America Shield Car Floor Mats

Captain America Shield Car Floor Mats

Now you can have cool mats in your car because now there are Captain America shield car floor mats.

The floor mats are blue in color and have the famous shield of Captain America on it in a drawing style.

You can get these Captain America floor mats as a while set with two mats for the front and two for the back but you could also just pick the front and back mats separately.

Now even the oldest car will look stunning all thanks to these superhero mats for the car.

Get your Captain America Shield Car Floor Mats

buy Dancing Baby Groot USB Car Charger

Dancing Baby Groot USB Car Charger

If you need your phone and tablet charge where ever you are then you just have to check out this Guardians of the Galaxy Groot USB car charger.

The car charger is a plant pot with baby Groot in it and you can plug him into the car and then you have two USB ports ready to charge your phone and other USB devices and the plant pot will fit great in a cup holder of your car.

And we all like how little Groot dances and he does so to while being charging your devices.

Besides in the car you can use this Groot USB charger at home to as it will look cool next to your computer.

Get your Dancing Baby Groot USB Car Charger

buy Star Trek Swim Shorts

Star Trek Swim Shorts

If you like swimming and Star Trek then you should check out these Star Trek swim shorts.

The men’s swims trunks come in the 3 colors red, gold, and blue and they are based on the Star Trek TNG uniforms.

You can get these Star Trek shorts in men’s sizes Small – 3XL and all get your ready for a dip in a pool.

Maybe you should get these cool swim trunks if you are planning a Star Trek cruise or just want to show the people at the beach that you are a true Star Trek fan that even likes to wear a next generation uniform to the beach.

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