buy Tom And Jerry Mouse House Decal

Tom And Jerry Mouse House Decal

Tom And Jerry Mouse House Decal

Now there is this Tom And Jerry Mouse House Decal that would be great for in the home of a big fan of the Tom and Jerry cartoons.

If you have watched a lot of Tom and Jerry then you know that Jerry seems to live in the walls and goes there through little holes in the wall and now there is the sticker that can make you home look like you have Jerry living in your home.

The decal will look great on your baseboard and it will show a hole and from the top of the hole there is a hammock that is connected to a little palm tree in a pot complete some mouse size flip flops on the ground.

I am sure that Jerry would love to live in your home and this is the closest it will get.

You can get this Tom and Jerry decal in different sizes so that it will fit perfectly on your baseboard.

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