buy Golden Girls Boxer Briefs

Golden Girls Boxer Briefs

Now there are Golden Girls Boxer Briefs so that you can have underwear that is fun and clean.

You can get this Golden Girls underwear in lots of men’s sizes and they are made from polyester and spandex.

The boxers are black and have a fun pink line on the waistband. The fabric of the men’s underwear is covered in the faces of the Golden girls and all have a colored border. Besides the girls it also says “Squad Goals” on it and there are some fun shapes an squiggles on it to make it all look even better.

So now you can lounge on the couch in your underwear while watching reruns of the Golden Girls.

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buy Exotic Is My Homeboy T-Shirt

Exotic Is My Homeboy T-Shirt

Now all Tiger King fans can be wearing this Exotic Is My Homeboy T-Shirt.

This Tiger King t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and is available in lots of different colors and in sizes going all the way to and adults 10XL.

On the t-shirt you can see a circle in the background with a tiger print and the on top of that you can see Joe Exotic and he is wearing a hat for his TV channel and he is holding up a sign that says “Exotic is my Homeboy”.

If you like Joe and Tiger King then this could be the t-shirt to wear and show the world that you may like to have a tiger too.

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buy Seinfeld Gift Pack

Seinfeld Gift Pack

Now there is this Seinfeld Gift Pack that makes for the perfect present for a true Seinfeld fan.

This gift pack comes in a nice Seinfeld inspired box and inside it there are lots of things like some postcards, a pin of the puffy shirt, a Human Fund mug, an Cramer blanket and finally a Fusilli Jerry just like you saw on TV.

A fun gift pack like this is a great present for yourself or other Seinfeld fans.

The officially licensed pack bring back so many memories to fun episodes, just look at the blanket that shows the famous Cramer painting and you know what I mean.

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buy Paint Splatter Scooby-Doo Blanket

Paint Splatter Scooby-Doo Blanket

Now there is this Paint Splatter Scooby-Doo Blanket that is the blanket you need to be warm and comfy while watching cartoons on TV.

This Scooby-Doo blanket is 60 x 46 inches and it is a fleece blanket so you know it is warm and comfy.

The blanket has a blue background with on it paint splatters ¬†and on top of that it says “Scooby-Doo” and the image of this fun looking dog.

A fun blanket like this is great for on the bed or couch and even could work in the park while having a nice picnic.

Scooby-Doo is one amazing cartoon dog and it fun to have him on a fun blanket.

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buy Tiger King Baby Bodysuit

Tiger King Baby Bodysuit

Now you can get this Tiger King Baby Bodysuit and dress up your little one in a fun outfit.

The baby bodysuit is available in baby sizes 6 – 24 months and comes in lots of colors.

The snapsuit shows the head of a tiger with in the middle a picture of Joe Exotic in a cartoon style and he is giving a thumbs up so that you know he approves.

Tiger King is the cool show on Netflix so don’t let your baby miss out because this baby outfit is way cooler then a plain and boring onesie.

And if you like this Tiger King design then it is good to know that it is also available as a t-shirt for men, women, and kids just click the picture to see all your options.

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buy Stranger Things Waffle Pool Float

Stranger Things Waffle Pool Float

Now you can enjoy your pool even more thanks to this Stranger Things Waffle Pool Float.

This a pool float that is 58 inches making it just the perfect size for in your pool.

The pool float look like El’s favorite food the an Egg waffle and she even took a bite out of it and then on top it says “011” made out of chocolate sauce as it is even dripping a bit.

If you have a pool in your garden and you want to isolate while floating around then you can now do that all in Stranger Things style but maybe it gets you hungry so make sure you also get some waffles to eat.

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buy Tiger King Backpack

Tiger King Backpack

Now you can get a cool Tiger King Backpack.

Tiger King is the cool show on Netflix all about Tigers and the world of Joe Exotic.

On the black backpack you can see a portrait of Joe Exotic and below his head it says “Tiger King”.

The Tiger King backpack is a drawstring backpack which makes it really handy as you can fold it flat when you are not using it.

A cool backpack like this is great to have and is very handy for holding your gym clothes, books, groceries, and maybe cool Tiger King merchandise.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on this Tiger King bag.

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buy I Got Peed On By A Tiger T-Shirt

I Got Peed On By A Tiger T-Shirt

Now there is this cool I Got Peed On By A Tiger T-Shirt that is just perfect for anyone that love Tiger King on Netflix.

This Tiger King t-shirt is available in styles for men and women and it comes in lots of different colors and in sizes Small – 3XL.

And if you have seen the Tiger King series then you know that Joe Exotic sells t-shirt that say “I Got Peed On By A Tiger” and now you can buy one to even without the need of Joe.

Besides the text it also shows a big tiger head.

Now you can wear this fun Tiger King t-shirt so that you feel closer to the world of tigers.

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buy Supergirl Costume Gloves

Supergirl Costume Gloves

Now you can get these Supergirl Costume Gloves that are a great piece for your Halloween costume.

These gauntlets style gloves have no fingers and come up almost to your elbow. As you can see the gloves are shiny blue with the famous Superman logo on top of the hand.

Gloves like this are great as part of you Superman or Superman costume and that makes the perfect for Halloween or cosplay.

Even if you just want to feel a bit more like a superhero at home when you can’t get out than put on these gloves and you feel different right away.

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buy Breaking Bad Monopoly

Breaking Bad Monopoly

Now there is this Breaking Bad Monopoly board game that is all based on the famous TV show.

So if you love playing Monopoly and you like Breaking Bad then this is the game to get as it is like the normal Monopoly game only then much better as it is all about Breaking Bad.

The streets are now locations from the TV show including Los Pollos Hermanos, the White House, and much more and even the money has characters of Breaking Bad on it so you know the money is from this game.

And the game pieces are awesome too as you can find the hat of Heisenberg, the RV, Face Maks and more.

So if you like a fun game to play in between rewatching episodes of Breaking Bad then this is the Monopoly game you want.

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