buy PAW Patrol Adhesive Bandages

PAW Patrol Adhesive Bandages

Little fans of PAW Patrol know what it is like when you have a little cut or bruise because then you need a bandage and now there are PAW Patrol adhesive bandages.

This box contains 20 PAW Patrol bandages and they are all cool because they have characters from PAW Patrol on them.

The bandages are made by Band-Aid so you know it is a quality product that also just looks amazing when put on the skin.

Maybe you child even want a bandage on when there is nothing to cover just because they look so amazingly fun.

Make your child happy quickly after a little accident thanks to these PAW Patrol Band-Aid bandages.

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buy Moana Fridge Magnet

Moana Fridge Magnet

Moana is cool and magnets are fun and that is why they made this Moana fridge magnet.

The Moana magnet shows a nice picture of the girl Moana from the Disney movie.

And this magnet is available round or square and even in different sizes.

So now you can surprise you child or yourself with a fun magnet that you can stick on the fridge or a different metal surface and then everytime you pass the fridge you can see Moana looking at you and that will make you smile.

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buy Wonder Woman Pool Float

Wonder Woman Pool Float

Now you can float around in a pool on this Wonder Woman pool float.

The pool float is a giant Wonder Woman logo with a pink background with stars. And this Wonder Woman float is over 5 feet wide making it huge and that makes it perfect for both kids(8+) as adults.

Now everyone in the pool will know that you like Wonder Woman as a float this big with such a big logo makes that clear once and for all.

No need for a flimsy boring pool float because you can feel like a Superhero while floating around the pool on this amazing float.

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buy Cars 3 Jackson Storm T-Shirt

Cars 3 Jackson Storm T-Shirt

Now there is a Cars 3 t-shirt with Jackson Storm on it and a big 2.0 below him.

You can get this Cars t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in many sizes and colors too so that everyone can enjoy the perfect t-shirt.

Lightning McQueen would prefer it if you wear a t-shirt with him on it but you can wear this as long as you cheer for Lightning in the Piston Cup.

Show the world the cool race car Piston rookie Jackson Storm is by simply wearing this cool car t-shirt.

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buy Wonder Woman Towel

Wonder Woman Towel

Now you can go to the beach with this amazing Wonder Woman towel to dry you off and help you get a sun tan.

The Wonder Woman beach towel looks a bit like the costume Wonder Woman wears with red on top and blue on the bottom and yes there are white stars too and a yellow band in the middle and to make it all legit there is a big Wonder Woman logo in the red part.

The Wonder Woman towel is 74 x 37 inches making it the perfect size for the beach, pool, and the shower and it makes me wonder if it would work as a cape too.

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buy Vintage Los Pollos Hermanos Shower Curtain

Vintage Los Pollos Hermanos Shower Curtain

If you like chicken the Breaking Bad style then you just have to check out this vintage looking Los Pollos Hermanos shower curtain.

The shower curtain is just perfect for true fans of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad or if you just like chicken men.

The shower curtain has a brownish background with in red a worn looking Los Pollos Hermanos logo.

The Better Call Saul shower curtain is 71 x 74 inches and can be machine washed and dried if it would get dirty.

Dress up your bathroom in style with this amazing looking shower curtain with the famous Los Pollos Hermanos logo on it.

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buy Jack Sparrow Beach Towel

Jack Sparrow Beach Towel

Every true pirate needs a towel and now there is a Jack Sparrow beach towel that would be perfect to be standard in your pirate kit.

If you like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies then you just have to check out this towel that shows a black and white portrait of Jack Sparrow and the look in his eyes just makes it even more perfect for the beach or pool.

The Jack Sparrow towel is 74 x 37 inches making it really nice and big and if that is too big for you then you are in luck as it is also available as a bath and hand towel.

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buy Plush Direwolf Cub

Plush Direwolf Cub

If you are a Game of Thrones fan then you are in luck as there now is a plush direwolf cub that you can own.

Sure we have seen John Snow and the tiny wolf cub and bow you can own the white wolf yourself.

The plush direwolf is 9 inches and is a replication of the wolfs in Game of Thrones and it is an officially licenced Game of Thrones product so you know the wolf is as real as it can get.

Plush animals are cute and now you can have one based on your favorite TV show Game of Thrones.

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buy Wonder Woman OtterBox Phone Case For Many Models

Wonder Woman OtterBox Phone Case For Many Models

So you got that new phone and now you want a cool case and that is why you should check out this Wonder Woman OtterBox phone case.

You can get this phone case for many Apple, Samsung, and Google phones like the iPhone 7 series, Samsung S8 series and the Google Pixels but there are many more so check them all out.

The Wonder Woman case has a black border and on the back, you can see the classic Wonder Woman against a red background.

And the Wonder Woman case is an OtterBox and that means that it is made to protect your phone and keeping it look amazing.

Get your Wonder Woman OtterBox Phone Case For Many Models

buy Jaws Lunch Box

Jaws Lunch Box

If you are a Jaws fan that is hungry then you need this Jaws lunch box so that you can take your lunch to go.

The metal lunch box is just great looking and will be recognized by anyone as Jaws is such a movie classic.

The lunch box shows the famous Jaws movie poster on most sides but one side shows the no swimming sign that they put on the beach after the attacks.

The Jaws tin lunch box has a nice handle for easy carrying and can be used as storage tin to instead of a lunch box for work or school.

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