buy Twilight Bella’s Hair Comb In Velvet Box

Twilight Bella’s Hair Comb In Velvet Box

Twilight Bella's Hair Comb Velvet Box

Are the biggest TWI-Hard fan, do you need everything Twilight?

If so then you may want to pay special attention to this, a hair comb that is a replica of the one used in the Twilight Saga movies by Bella Swan, particularly seen in Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Find a magnifacently designed hair comb that features many sparkling crystals that look amazing and the entire thing looks just like the one Bella uses in Breaking Dawn part 1, another great quality NECA product.

Another great feature is the box that this Bella Swan hair comb comes in, a nice velvet blue collectors box with the top having an image of Bella Swan and her hair comb aswell as the text ” The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn “.

Add the Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella’s Hair Comb in Velvet Box to your collection.

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