buy NCIS Caf-Pow Cup

NCIS Caf-Pow Cup

NCIS Caf-Pow Cup

NCIS fans all love Abby and one this that is so Abby is her cup of Caf-Pow! that Gibbs brings her all the time.

Now you can have your own Caf-Pow! cup just like Abby’s.

OK there is now caffeine power drink in here but you know you can put what ever you like in it.

Now your days will be much easier as you now are as cool as Abby and can drink all day out of you NCIS prop cup.

Of course this travel cup is also ideal as a costume prop for halloween if you dress up like Abby then you just need a cup like this one.

Thirsty NCIS fans should have a closer look at thisĀ NCIS Caf-Pow! Cup.