buy Seinfeld George Costanza Cartwright T-Shirt

Seinfeld George Costanza Cartwright T-Shirt

Seinfeld George Constanza Cartwright T-Shirt

Everyone that has seen an episode or two of Seinfeld all know about George Costanza and the problems he has or gets in to.

Remember the episode where they are waiting in a Chinese restaurant and maitre de scream “Cartwright” a couple times and of course nobody response but that was his way of saying Costanza so George missed that important phone call from Tatiana.

Now you can get a t-shirt that show a picture of George Costanza but with the name Cartwright spelled on it and yes that means that only a true fan of Seinfeld will understand this shirt.

Made from 100% preshrunk cotton this t-shirt with George on it is nice and comfortable and available in sizes Small – 3XL.

Now you can tell the world all about Cartwright just by wearing this Seinfeld T-Shirt.

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