buy George And Kramer T-Shirt

George And Kramer T-Shirt

Now there is this George And Kramer T-Shirt that is perfect for true Seinfeld fans.

As you can see this is a really funny t-shirt that shows Kramer and George as cartoon figures making funny faces and it also says “George and Kramer” so that everyone knows who they are just in case people don’t know them from the Seinfeld series.

You can get this funny Seinfeld t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in lots of different colors and in sizes going from 6 months all the way to adults 10XL.

Seinfeld maybe a thing from the past but looking at this t-shirt just makes you smile as George and Kramer are still really funny.

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buy Seinfeld Faceless Coffee Mug

Seinfeld Faceless Coffee Mug

If you like Seinfeld and a morning coffee then you should check out this amazing looking Seinfeld faceless coffee mug.

The Seinfeld mug is made from white premium ceramic and comes in an 11 and a 15 oz version.

On the white ceramic mug you can see the cast of Seinfeld only without their faces put in.

You can see Kramer, Elaine, George, and Jerry Seinfeld doing some fun poses to make this just a fun mug.

True fans of this now classic TV series can get a smile every morning while looking at this mug while getting ready for the first cup of coffee of the day.

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buy Seinfeld George Costanza Cartwright T-Shirt

Seinfeld George Costanza Cartwright T-Shirt

Seinfeld George Constanza Cartwright T-Shirt

Everyone that has seen an episode or two of Seinfeld all know about George Costanza and the problems he has or gets in to.

Remember the episode where they are waiting in a Chinese restaurant and maitre de scream “Cartwright” a couple times and of course nobody response but that was his way of saying Costanza so George missed that important phone call from Tatiana.

Now you can get a t-shirt that show a picture of George Costanza but with the name Cartwright spelled on it and yes that means that only a true fan of Seinfeld will understand this shirt.

Made from 100% preshrunk cotton this t-shirt with George on it is nice and comfortable and available in sizes Small – 3XL.

Now you can tell the world all about Cartwright just by wearing this Seinfeld T-Shirt.

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buy Jerk Store Seinfeld T-Shirt

Jerk Store Seinfeld T-Shirt

Jerk Store Seinfeld T-Shirt

Have you ever needed a comeback right on your t-shirt so you don’t have to waste your precious verbal skills on somebody.

Well here it is, this is a comeback that George Costanza from the hit TV comedy series Seinfeld uses when he had nothing else to say.

On this Seinfeld t-shirt find a black and white head shot of George Costanza with the saying “The Jerk Store Called…They’re Running Out Of You”.

This will be a very durable and comfortable t-shirt that is made from 100% cotton and can be found in a wide variety of sizes.

Get your hillaroius Jerk Store Seinfeld T-Shirt.

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buy Seinfeld Cast Taxi Poster

Seinfeld Cast Taxi Poster

Once Seinfeld was the show to watch and still we love to see Jerry and his friends doing all their crazzy things on TV.

And now you can decorate your media room or any other place around the house with a nice Seinfeld Poster.

This poster shows Jerry, George, Elaine and of course Kramer. They are all sitting on the back of a taxi.

A fun way to get reminded of this fun comedy from the olden days.

This poster is 24 x 36 inches.

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