Spock And Lt. Uhura Mr Potato Head Set

Star Trek Spock And Lt. Uhura Mr Potato Heads

Mr. and Mrs. Potato head need each other just like Spock and Lt. Uhura.

Star Trek fans will need to add this cool set of Mr. potato head Spock and Uhura to┬átheir collection. This set features Spock and his love interest Lt. Uhura with all the accessories that make them Mr. Potato head Trekkies. Some examples would be Spock’s ears and his trademark Vulcan “V” shaped hand and Lt. Uhura’s hair and red shirt.

All the components are still mix and match and are compatable with other Star Trek Mr. Potato head sets, it also comes in window box packaging for the serious collector wanting to keep these sealed up but on display.

Get your Star Trek Spock And Lt. Uhura Mr. Potato Head set.

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