buy Spock With Ears Mug

Spock With Ears Mug

Now your morning coffee can be served in this Spock With Ears Mug that is just the perfect mug if you like Star Trek.

This Star Trek mug is 20oz and is black with on the front an image of the face of Spock and on the sides you can find his ears just sticking out a bit.

The Spock mug is microwave safe but is best to be washed by hand if you like to stay in great condition.

A true fan of Star Trek and Spock will like a mug like this and it is a great for the office too because then people will know that you like Star Trek and that you prefer a real mug instead of paper cups.

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buy Vulcan Ears Wireless Headphones

Vulcan Ears Wireless Headphones

Now Star Trek fans can feel a bit like Spock thanks to these Vulcan Ears Wireless Headphones.

These Star Trek headphones are wireless bluetooth 4.0 +EDR so everything you want from your wireless headset.

These headphones are in ear headphones and they are connected to ears that look a lot like the once Spock has and that is because they are Vulcan ears and from there the wire goes to the other side so that they both are connected.

So now you can enjoy your music while looking like a true Vulcan from Star Trek as the ears just fit perfectly on top of you ears.

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buy Spock Portrait Pillow

Spock Portrait Pillow

Now there is a Spock portrait pillow for all the true Star Trek fans that would like the classic Spock in their home.

The Star Trek throw pillow is available in a version for insides or an outdoor version and it comes in 4 sizes that start at 16 x 16 and go all the way up to 24 x 24 inches.

The pillow is light in color and on it a nice black and white portrait of the amazing Spock while he looks away to a new adventure.

So now you can choose to have a Star Trek pillow that looks amazing on a couch, chair, bed, or where ever you want a cool pillow.

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buy Spock Golf Club Head Cover

Spock Golf Club Head Cover

If your golf game needs a boost then you need the Spock head cover that will protect your clubs while showing off your Star Trek love.

This golf club head cover features the unmistakable Doctor Spock from the cool sci-fi series of Star Trek. Find the giant pointy ears straight cut of black hair, a blue Star Trek shirt and of course Spock is giving the Vulcan salute with his hand.

Made to fit up to a 460cc golf driver and is made to be high quality to last a long time. Not only will the large stuffed head and torso of Spock protect your driver head it features a long knit sock to also protect the shaft.

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buy Mr. Spock Can Koozie

Mr. Spock Can Koozie

Now you boring cans of your favorite drink can look cool again while also staying chilled longer.

This Star Trek themed can koozie will make sure of that.

This can koozie is not just one of those flat sleeves with some printing on it, this koozie looks like Spock but without the head. His famous blue shirt and Vulcan salute are all there and it’s a 3D shape so no plain flat koozie for you.

And yes this Mr. Spock koozie will keep you can cool longer while keeping you hands nice and warm but mainly it’s just making that can look really cool.

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buy Rock Out With Your Spock Out T-Shirt

Rock Out With Your Spock Out T-Shirt

Rock Out With Your Spock Out T-Shirt

Rock On!

Live Long And Prosper!

Why not do both, well now you can with this awesome Star Trek t-shirt.

On the front of this t-shirt you will find a very fun saying that says “Rock Out With Your Spock Out” and two white line art images of hands, one making the hand symbol for rock and the other hand making the hand symbol that Spock always makes.

This fun Star Trek t-shirt is available in a huge selection of sizes that range from Small to 3XL and is made from 100% cotton giving you the perfect shirt that is both durable and comfortable.

Get into the Star Trek Rock Out With Your Spock Out T-Shirt.

buy Spock Beach Towel

Spock Beach Towel

Now you can dry yourself with a towel that shows the classic Spock from Star Trek.

Maybe Leonard Nimoy has passed on but we will never forget him as Spock making the Vulcan salute just like he does on this towel.

This beach towel is 30 x 60 inch and shows Spock in his famous uniform just like we know him from the classic Star Trek episodes.

And true fan of Star Trek of course wants this towel as it just is something that needs to be in your collection of Star Trek memorabilia.

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buy Star Trek Spock Chunky Magnet

Star Trek Spock Chunky Magnet

Star Trek Spock Chunky Magnet

Live Long and Prosper, a few great words to live by. Leonard Nimoy made these words famous as the Vulcan salute on the Star Trek television show in the 1960’s. Now you can be reminded of these every time you go to your refrigerator with this great Mr. Spock magnet.

The magnet is a cut out shape of Spock in his blue uniform, satchel and flashing the Vulcan salute.

This magnet is 1/4″ thick, so it is chunky and sure to get a comment or two. It is 5″ tall and about 2″ wide. What a great way to keep a hold on your grocery list.

Add to your magnet collection today, get the Star Trek Spock Chunky Magnet.

buy Star Trek Abbey Road T-shirt

Star Trek Abbey Road T-shirt

Star Trek Abbey Road T-shirt

Now you can celebrate two iconic groups from the 1960’s with one fabulous t-shirt.

This blue t-shirt features the images of four Star Trek characters, Kirk in his yellow shirt, Spock in his blue shirt, Scotty in his red shirt and Bones in his blue shirt, walking across a road at a crosswalk.

They are recreating the famous album cover Abbey Roads that shows the four Beatles, John, Ringo, Paul and George walking across a similar “zebra” crosswalk.

This t-shirt has short sleeves, a crew neck, is 100% cotton and comes in sizes Small – 2XL.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit nostalgic when you wear this Star Trek Abbey Road T-shirt.

buy Star Trek Spock Socks With Ears

Star Trek Spock Socks With Ears

Trekkie fans will see these Captain Spock socks and absolutely love them, want them and will ask where to get them. They will be the perfect addition to a Star Trek collection and also be practical as you can wear the socks and show off your inner Trekkie.

These socks are very cool and feature the classic blue color of Spock, with the Star Trek command badge on the foot as well as a picture of Spock’s face on the top of the sock …. now the really great part is Spock’s ears are sticking out of the sides of the socks.

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