buy Brave Songs & Story

Brave Songs & Story

Brave Songs & Story audio

After seeing the movie Brave your kids are gone want to keep hearing the story and songs over and over again.

And witht his audio CD / MP3 you are in luck.

The Brave Songs and Story has 4 songs and the complete Brave story all done with chracter voices and sound effects from the movie.

So if you want to suprise you kid with a gift that will keep them entertained for a while then come check out this Brave Song & Story Audio.


Captain America Movie Soundtrack

Captain America Movie Soundtrack

Captain America the movie we have all be waiting for was fun and now you wonder about all those nice sounds you heard in the movie.

No worries the music made by Alan Silvestri is available on a soundtrack cd (or mp3) of the movie.

The Captain America soundtrack has 26 tracks that will bring you back to your favorite scenes of the Captain America Movie.

Go order you copy of the Captain America Movie Soundtrack.

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Transformers Dark Of The Moon Soundtrack

Transformers Dark of the moon soundtrack cd and mp3

The 3e Transformers movie is here and that brings an awesome soundtrack to with bands like the Goo Goo Dolls and Linkin Park.

If you really enjoyed watching Transformers Dark Of The Moon then you will really enjoy the soundtrack to bring back the memories of this Transformers movie.

The soundtrack offers the following tracks:

  • Linkin Park – Iridescent
  • Paramore – Monster
  • My Chemical Romance – The Only Hope For Me Is You
  • Taking Back Sunday – Faith (When I Let You Down)
  • Staind – The Bottom
  • Art Of Dying – Get Thru This
  • Goo Goo Dolls – All That you Are
  • Theory Of A Deadman – Head Above Water
  • Black Veil Brides – Set The World On Fire
  • Skillet – Alive & Awake (Rock Radio Mix)
  • Mastodon – Just Got Paid

And the nice thing is that now you can enjoy the music like the brought it to you in the movie. You can choose or the CD or MP3 version of the soundtrack. But if you go with MP3 just be aware that if you don’t buy the whole MP3 album not all tracks will be available for you.

Listen to some previews of the Transformers Dark Of The Moon Soundtrack.

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Weeds, Original Series Music

WEEDS is an instant American Classic of a series made for television. This CD is put together from the music heard during the show’s first season. It has many different Genres with a strong alt-rock, folky edge to this soundtrack so even the non-Weeds watcher will love this Cd. It is one of those soundtracks that will stay in your CD player and you listen to from start to finish over and over.

Get your Weeds, Original series music.