buy Glee Logo Mug

Glee Logo Mug

Glee name mug with the Glee logo

How about a new ceramic mug for your morning coffee?

This red mug needs a new owner and it could be you but only if you like Glee.

Because on this 11 ounce mug it has a big yellow Glee logo.

Of course  like any good ceramic product this mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Support your inner gleek with this Glee Logo Mug.

buy Glee Yahtzee Game

Glee Yahtzee Game

Glee Yahtzee board game

Do you like a nice board game?

You are in luck as this is a special Glee game of Yahtzee.

No boring numberd dices and an even more boring dice cup.
In the Glee yahtzee the dices have pictures of all the main characters on it instead of the numbers.
And the dice cup is looks like a slushy.

So when Yahtzee time come be prepared to play Glee Yahtzee. 


Glee Notes T-Shirt

Glee Musical notes babtdoll t-shirt

How fun does this Glee shirt look.

A red women’s shirt with longer sleeves and a fun print. The shirs has music notes all over the front and on top of those notes it says Glee 3 times.

If you like Glee or just singing then this t-shirt could the the one to wear.

This Glee t-shirt comes in a range of sizes from small to X-large.

Get ready to sing by wearing this Glee Notes T-Shirt.


Blue Glee Watch

Glee Watch in Blue with the Glee logo

Glee fans love their Glee merchandise and now there is a ncie blue watch to add to the collection.

this watch has a nice blue rubber band that is adjustable to make it fit perfect around your wrist.

And on the watch you see a blue glee logo with a black and white hand making the L.

If you are a real Glee fan then you want to know what time it is because it could be Glee time.

Don’t wait time is ticking, come and get your Glee Logo Watch.


Glee Hand T-Shirt

Glee Hand Black t-shirt

Glee fans are gone love this t-shirt!

This shirt is black and on it is shows the word Glee and the L is made out the the hand just like we see it on TV.
I really like the gray print on the black it really looks amazing.

If you are a Glee fan then you just will love this t-shirt.

It is made of 100% cotton and is fitting and comes in all the girly sizes.

Get your Glee on with this Glee Hand Black T-Shirt.


Square Glee Patch

Glee Patch 3 inch square

How fun would it be to decorate your clothing or backpack with a Glee patch.

This patch shows four squares with a letter of the word “Glee” and of course the L is made out of the hand just like we see it in Glee on TV.

This patch is 3 inch square and would fit perfectly on any piece of clothing.

You can attach this Glee patch by ironing it on or sewing it on. It’s easy and it will look amazing.

Start decorating your clothing with this Square Glee Patch.


Glee 2012 Wall Calendar

Glee 2012 wall calendar

2012 will be the year that you see a new picture of Glee every month.

This wall calendar of Glee will be your pride and joy for the whole year.

All the people you expect like Finn, Sue Sylvester and Will Shuester and of course Rachel and many many more will all be there to make you year a super fun year.

Every month you find a new amazing Glee photo and of course a calendar for that month.

Have a closer look at what is offerd by the Glee Wall Calendar 2012.

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Glee Backpack

Glee canvas backpack great for school and fun

Who doesn’t want to own a Glee backpack?

Right everybody wants one and this is your opertunity to get one.

This backpack is a canvas pack with zippered compartments that will keep your stuff safe.

On the black backpack you see the Glee logo multiple times and on the smaller front pocket your see some of the Glee cast members.

A great backpack for school or a fun activity.

Go check out this Glee Backpack.

buy Sue Sylvester Track Suit

Sue Sylvester Track Suit

This is the official Glee  Sue Sylvester costume that you can wear this Halloween.

Glee fans will have so much fun with a costume like this. The costume includes the typical Sue Sylvester Track Suit and the short hair wig. And the track suit even has the Glee logo on it.

You dress up party was never so much fun then with this Sue Sylvester costume.

The Sue Sylvester is available in a Teen and an Adult version so it will be easier to find you size..

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