buy Huggy Holidays Bodysuit

Huggy Holidays Bodysuit

A babies first Christmas is special. Not that the little one will remember much of it but still for the parents it is special so why not make it even more special with some special Christmas clothing.

This “Huggy Holidays” bodysuit shows Garfield the cat and Odie the dog in a nice hug all with Christmas presents around.

Make this a first Christmas to remember with this Garfield Huggy Holidays Bodysuit.

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buy Stars Hollow Bodysuit

Stars Hollow Bodysuit

Babies all over the world wear what people bring them from trips and that is nice and all but great that my bodysuit says I Love New York.

OK now you can make it look much better with this Stars Hollow Connecticut bodysuit specially because it is a fictional place only known by the Gilmore Girls fans and there are many oh so many of those.

So be different and give you baby a bodysuit from the hometown of the Gilmore Girls.

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buy Garfield Stand Back Bodysuit

Garfield Stand Back Bodysuit

We all know what can happen with the little people of this world. Babies love to surprise you with there food coming back up.

And now you can own or give one of these nice Garfield bodysuits to warn the world of the risks.

you can get this Garfield bodysuit in white, pink and light blue so that you can get the right color and it comes in different sizes so don’t hesitate to get one in every size.

Go look at this Garfield Stand Back Bodysuit.

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buy Dexter Bodysuit

Dexter Bodysuit

Maybe blood is not what you like to see on baby clothing but don’t worry it’s not real.

This bodysuit witch comes in different sizes to fit perfectly on your little Dexter fan will show of the best of your baby to the world.
A great piece to the real Dexter fan and ok maybe your baby is a bit small to watch TV but you can’t start early enough with Dexter.

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Team Edward Like Mom Bodysuit

So you are a Team Edward supporter and you baby is to?

Right then why not show it off a bit more, this bodysuit will get the message across and before you know it your baby is only hanging out with the Team Edward crowd.

Order you Team Edward Like Mom Bodysuit.

This bodysuit comes in White, light blue and of course Pink.

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