buy Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed

Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed

If your little one likes Minnie Mouse and need a fun bed then you have to check out this amazing Minnie Mouse toddler bed.

The kids bed is pink and has Minnie Mouse images on it and even Donald Duck is there. And to make this toddler bed even better they added an activity board on the bed end complete with chores that need to be done every day like toothbrushing and wearing pajamas. There is even a day changer and a learning clock so that bed time is still a bit of learning time.

I am sure you child is going to love going to sleep now.

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buy Kids Scooby-Doo Bed

Kids Scooby-Doo Bed

If your child needs a new bed and likes Scooby-Doo then you have to check out this Scooby-Doo bed.

The bed is just perfect as it has the colors of The Mystery Machine and you can even find that van on the side and then on top of the headboard you find Scooby-Doo just lying down.

The bed has a toy box and drawer build in and is made from MDF with a nontoxic finish. The Scooby-Doo bed is a wooden platform bed so a boxspring is not needed.

Kids ages 3 – 12 can enjoy a good night sleep in this cute bed while dreaming about the adventures of Scooby-Doo.

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buy SpongeBob Kids Bed

SpongeBob Kids Bed

If your little one love SpongeBob and needs a nap then this SpongeBob kids bed is what they need.

This SpongeBob bed has a strong steel frame and it is yellow and light blue with on the headboard you can see Patrick Star and SpongeBob Squarepants and on the end of the bed you can see SpongeBob.

The kids bed fits a normal crib mattress and it has sleeping safely rails that is removable.

Your child is going to be so happy to go to bed now because sleeping with Spongebob and Patrick is what every true fan wants and now they can all thanks to this fun bed.

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buy Batman Twin Bed

Batman Twin Bed

Now sleeping like Batman is something everyone can do thanks to this Batman twin bed.

The Batman bed can hold a normal twin mattress and can sleep adults and kids as long as you like Batman because otherwise it may give you nightmares.

The twin bed is upholstered in fake leather and on the foot of the bed you can see  Gotham City and Batman flying over it and then there is the headboard of the Batman bed that has the famous Batman symbol.

So now a child will love you even more when you surprise them with this bed and if you are an adult this bed will look stunning in your bat cave.

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buy Big Hero 6 Baymax Bed

Big Hero 6 Baymax Bed

If you have seen the movie Big Hero 6 then you of course would like to cuddle with Baymax the big white fluffy robot.

And you are in luck as now you can not just cuddle with Baymax you can sleep on top of him as this is a plush Baymax bed.

The bed is shaped like the Big Hero 6 star and is 75 inch tall and to make this bed even better the top sheet is build in so you can just slide in and sleep super close to this amazing Big Hero 6 star.

Sure it’s different then your normal shaped bed but hey it is Baymax and different is good.

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buy Sofia The First Toddler Bed

Sofia The First Toddler Bed

Is you daughter like a little princess? If so then this Sofia the First bed would be perfect for her.

This toddler bed is made from a future princess and just looks stunning.

The bed is purple with metal and plastic parts and even a part to prevent you child from rolling out of the bed.

The beds headboard shows a image of Sofia and her animal friends and that of course makes it feel like you are sleeping surrounded by your Disney friends.

And then there is the foot end witch has a 3D finish with in the middle a big picture of Sofia the First making this a real special kids bed.

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buy PAW Patrol Toddler Bed

PAW Patrol Toddler Bed

If you child is crazy about PAW Patrol and really could use a new bed then why not get them a PAW Patrol bed.

This toddler bed is everything you child has dreamed about a nice sturdy bed in blue and red with on it pictures of PAW Patrol.

On the headboard you can see Marshall, Rubble and Chase and on the footboard it has the PAW Patrol logo.

The sturdy red frame with the blue sides and foot and head board really work out well in making this a toddlers bed they would want.

Now you just need a mattress and you child will be sleeping in no time at all.

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buy Cars Tent Bed

Cars Tent Bed

A cars tent bed for toddlers

Your kids are gone love you even more when they see the new bed you got them.

This is a Cars Tent Bed. Yes Lightning McQueen and his friends love your kid to sleep in the racing environment they live and this bed makes it happen.

The bed is made for kids between 18 month to 5 years and with a maximum weight of 50 lbs.

The tent on top does not have to be attached to the bed but of course make the whole Cars experience even more fun.

A standard crib size mattress fits in the frame (mattress sold separate). The bed frame is made of metal and the bed ends are plastic to make the whole bed sturdy but still light. The bed is also pretty low so that you kid can get in and out easily.

And this bed meet all the JPMA safety requirements so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your toddler.

Wait no longer and start the race to get this cute Cars Tent Bed.

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