buy True Blood Comic T-Shirt

True Blood Comic T-Shirt

Television hit series True Blood is so cool it should be a comic strip.

Now it is, with this t-shirt.

Find the cast of True Blood on the front of this t-shirt, the awsome thing is they are animated and looking as great as ever. Find all your favorites like Bill Compton, Jessica Hamby, Sookie Stackhouse and many more.

A very durable and comfy t-shirt that can be found in many sizes, made from 100% cotton and is officially licensed.

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buy Bill Compton And Sookie Stackhouse T-Shirt

Bill Compton And Sookie Stackhouse T-Shirt

This black junior fit t-shirt shows a red glow picture of Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse hanging on top of each other.

And beside the two of them the picture also has the True Blood logo.

As said this True Blood t-shirt has a junior fit and comes in a range of women’s sizes to make you next True Blood marthone even more fun.

Specially with a sexy vampire as Bill Compton on a t-shirt that will make all your lady friends smile.

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True Blood 2012 Wall Calendar

True Blood 2012 wall calendar

Vampires are every where and  that means that even your callendar can have a vampire on them.

Changes are slightly higher if you get the new 2012 True Blood wall calendar.

The True Blood 2012 calendar has tons of amazing photo’s from the True Blood TV series and of course you can expet to see Sookie and Bill.

This calendar has 16 months of True Blood fans starting already in 2011.

So vampire time starts with the True Blood 2012 Wall Calendar.

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Bill Compton Bust

Bust of True Blood vampire Bill Compton

Bill may be old but he still has the looks. This True Blood character wants to be your friend.

But remember You need to invite them in they can’t get in to your home without your permission.

This bust of vampire Bill Compton is a great addition to any True Blood collection. And this bust has such a great amount of detail that you will wonder if that is real blood dripping from Bill’s mouth.

With 6 3/4 inch this bust has the perfect size to fit in your collection. And there are only 5000 pieces of Bill Compton made so it will be a real collectors item real soon.

Go enjoy you vampires with this True Blood Bill Compton Bust.