buy Seinfeld Birdhouse

Seinfeld Birdhouse

Give the birds in the yard a home with this Seinfeld Birdhouse.

This is just a nice wooden birdhouse only it looks different on the outside then any other birdhouse you have ever seen.

This birdhouse is decorated with images of the cast of Seinfeld on the front complete with the logo and on the sides of the birdhouse you can see other images of the classic TV series.

This Seinfeld birdhouse is made for the elements and I am sure that the birds are going to love in this house especially if they like the Seinfeld TV series as much as you do.

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buy Wonder Woman Birdhouse

Wonder Woman Birdhouse

Now you can have a real Wonder Woman Birdhouse in your garden for the birds to nest in.

The nice looking birdhouse looks like you expect like a little house with a hole in it with a stick for the birds to sit on. But there is more as the outside of this birds home is decorated with images of the classic Wonder Woman from the TV series with Lynda Carter.

It is great to see this unique birdhouse and I am sure that a true fan of Wonder Woman would love to own this birdhouse as it is unique and amazing looking.

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buy Star Trek Birdhouse

Star Trek Birdhouse

Star Trek fans that like birds should check out this Star Trek Birdhouse.

The birdhouse looks like a normal birdhouse something you would see in any garden only this one is all decorated with some of the main characters of the original series.

The birdhouse is made from plywood with vinyl covering and the roof and base are made from cedar. And if one of your birds leafs the house then there are two screws in the bottom to open the birdhouse for easy cleaning.

A Star Trek birdhouse will look great in your garden and it is something all true Star Trek fans need.

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buy Bugs Bunny Birdhouse

Bugs Bunny Birdhouse

Bugs Bunny Birdhouse

This delightful Bugs Bunny birdhouse will have all your friends wishing they had one just like it.

You can almost hear Bugs saying, “What’s up Doc?” the way he does in the Looney Tunes cartoons.

Whether you are sitting on your deck, balcony or patio, you can watch your feathered friends flock to this birdhouse. They all want to call this large carrot their home.

This Bugs Bunny birdhouse features an 11” long bright orange carrot, with its green leaves. You can see Bugs lounging on top ready to chomp on his own carrot. This birdhouse is made of resin for outside use or you can hang it indoors as a decoration.

Enjoy you outdoor space more this year with this Bugs Bunny Birdhouse.

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