buy Hello Kitty Rhinestone Blackberry Bold Case

Hello Kitty Rhinestone Blackberry Bold Case

Protect you cell phone with a very stylish and cute case.

This is a case that features the loveable Hello Kitty face with a bow on her head made up with black, pink and white rhinestones, also there is different colored pink rhinestones making four hearts surrounding Hello Kitty aswell as the rest of the case.

Made to precisely fit your Blackberry bold 9900/9930/9790, leaving all functions accessible for use and with a slim design and easy to snap on and off case this is the perfect way to protect your Blackberry from bumps and scratches.

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buy Catwoman Blackberry Bold Case

Catwoman Blackberry Bold Case

Catwoman Blackberry case from the dark knight rises movie

So you have a Blackberry Bold and are sick of people asking when you are gone replace it with an iPhone.

You are in luck because now you can dress up your Blackberry with a case that even an iPhone owner will be jealous off.

This case is based on the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises and shows the Batman logo on one side and an action scene in the background with Catwoman driving the big guns on the other side.

This Batman phone case is made by Case-Mate and that means a great quality case that will protect your Blackberry Bold from harm.

So if you like to see Catwoman everytime the phone rings then come get your Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Blackberry Bold Case.

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buy Dexter Phone Cover For Blackberry Bold 9700

Dexter Phone Cover For Blackberry Bold 9700

Dexter Phone Cover For Blackberry Bold 9700

Does you Blackberry Bold 9700 need a fresh look?

If so then how about a bloody look with the Dexter logo made out of blood with the blood spatters.

This battery cover will make you phone like that. The people from Coveroo designed a perfect replacement battery cover for the Blackberry Bold 9700 so that it almost looks like it came with the Dexter logo when you bought it.

Come check out this Dexter Logo Phone Cover For Blackberry Bold 9700.


Wolverine Case For Blackberry Torch

Wolverine Blackberry torch case

How do you protect your Blackberry Torch?

Maybe it can use some help from a Marvel superhero like Wolverine.

This case for the Blackberry Torch 9800 shows a nice picture of Wolverine standing tall.

And not only does this Wolverine case look amazing it also will protect your Blackberry from harm.

If your Torch 9800 is still unprotected then you should check out this Wolverine Blackberry Torch 9800 Case. 


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Tinker Bell Crystal Blackberry Torch 9800 Case

Tinker Bell Crystal Blackberry Torch 9800 Case

Your favorite Disney fairy Tinker Bell is looking even more magical than ever before.

This is a Blackberry Torch 9800 hard case that features a beautiful Tinker Bell made out of 100% Swarovski crystals, in a pose holding her wand and spreading some magic pixie dust.

If you love Tinker Bell one of the most popular Disney fairies then i’m sure a Swarovski crystal Tink is exactly what you need, and i’m thinking she is spreading her magic pixie dust to protect your Blackberry Torch 9800.

Get your Tinker Bell Swarovski Crystal Blackberry Torch 9800 Case.

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Tardis Blackberry Curve Case

Doctor Who Blackberry case of the Tardis

Case-Mate does there best to make you Blackberry Curve look cool.

And this time they made a case that looks like the Tardis of Doctor Who.

Travel through the stories of the doctor in this Tardis and experince the things people can only dream about.

Protect your Blackberry Curve with this great Case-Mate case and you phone will stay nice and will be protected from harm.

Time to travel Tardis style with this Doctor Who Tardis Blackberry Curve Case.

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Hello Kitty Dust Plug

Hello Kitty Headphone dust plug

Not to long ago it was fun to have a little charm hanging on your cell phone, this was an amazing way of showing the world a more personal phone.

The days of dangling charms on your phone seem to be gone but only because most phones do not offer a place to connect them to.

But now there is a new way of puting a charm on your phone.

Look at this little Hello Kitty Charm ontop of the phone on the picture.

Hello Kitty is actually a little 3.5″ plug that just slides in your headphones jack and that way becomes a secure way of connecting a charm that can be easily removed when you need the headphones jack.

This kind of charm will fit in a normal headphone jack so you can stick this Hello Kitty plug in for instance an iPhone.

The Hello Kitty dust plug not only looks fun and cute no it also protects your headphones plug from dust and dirt.

Come and check out other pictures and info about the Hello Kitty Dust Plug. 

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Batman Logo Blackberry Torch 9800 Case


Batman Logo Blackberry Torch 9800 Case

Batman a DC comics Superhero known for protecting, so why not let him protect your precious Blackberry Torch 9800 with this phone case.

This coveroo phone case features the Batman logo loud and clear in traditional Batman yellow and will protect your phone from scratches and knocks, while at the same time leaving all your buttons and ports open for use. This case is made for the Blackberry Torch 9800, but you can find the Batman logo case for many other phone types.

Guard your phone with the  Batman Logo Blackberry Torch 9800 Phone Case.

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Spongebob Blackberry 8520 Case

Blackberry 8520 case based on Spongebob

So you have a nice Blackberry phone but don’t want it to get damaged and you want it to look a little bit more fun.

Here is the solution. This case for the Blackberry 8520 is fun because it is the face of Spongebob Squarepants and it it a silicon cover and that will keep your phone save.

This cover even comes in all kind of cool colors. You can get this case in yellow, blue, pink, and in light and dark green.

You just have to check out all the colors of the Spongebob Blackberry 8520 Cover.

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