buy Finding Nemo Suitcase Cover

Finding Nemo Suitcase Cover

Suitcase covers are a great way to protect your luggage and make them easier to spot and now there is an amazing looking Finding Nemo suitcase cover.

The suitcase cover is available in 3 sizes and is highly stretchy so that it will fit almost any suitcase. The handles and wheels are accessible so that traveling with a covered suitcase is the same for you. But it is more difficult to get in and that will keep thieves out.

This suitcase cover shows Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo and he takes up most of the suitcase cover and in front of Bruce you can find Nemo and Dory and they are really scared of this huge shark.

Make traveling more fun by covering your suitcase in a Finding Nemo theme.

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buy Bruce Shark Mug

Bruce Shark Mug

Finding Nemo fans all remember Bruce the shark and his scary looking teeth.

And now you can have your own Bruce the shark mug and this mug is shaped just like bruce from the movie.

Bruce has a white bottom and blue top color and his pointy nose and big tail fin are all there. The tail fin is even made into the handle.

And this Finding Nemo mug is not small, it can hold up to 20 oz of liquids and that is a lot of coffee or hot chocolate.

The Finding Nemo Bruce mug is ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave save.

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buy Bruce The Shark Plush

Bruce The Shark Plush

Finding Nemo Bruce The Shark Plush

Not all sharks are mean and scary…even though they look like it.

This is Bruce the shark from the hit animated movie Finding Nemo, Bruce wants to be friendly to all fish but the smell of blood seems to get the better of him.

A very soft plush material make Bruce the shark a great bed time companion, measures 16 inches approximately in length and has many fine details like the teeth, eyes and fins.

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