buy Finding Dory Child Hat And Glove Set

Finding Dory Child Hat And Glove Set

Stay nice and warm with this great Finding Dory child hat and glove set.

The hat and glove set is based after the animated classic movies from Disney Pixar Finding Dory and Finding Nemo. The gloves are light blue with dark blue pin stripes and feature a silhouette of a fish.

The Hat is a beanie style that looks just like Dory. Find the innocent cute face that has 3D eyes sticking up from the top. Also find little yellow and black fins with yellow draw strings.

This is an officially licensed Disney Pixar hat and glove set that is a one size fits most children. Stay warm with this double lined hat that features draw ties to fasten up the hat and keep the warmth in.

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buy Dory Outdoor Inflatable

Dory Outdoor Inflatable

If you like fish and Christmas then you should get this Dory outdoor inflatable.

The Inflatable is a big blue Dory on a base with red sea stars on it.

The inflatable of Dory is not to Christmas decorated and that makes it versatile for others seasons or occasions.

The Finding Dory inflatable is 3.5 feet tall and wide and has light inside it and will blow itself up in seconds.

Is Dory trying to find Nemo or is she just standing in your garden smiling the world when you are warm inside celebrating the holidays.

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buy Women’s Finding Dory Pajama Set

Women’s Finding Dory Pajama Set

Now there is a women’s Finding Dory pajama set so that you can forget things while you wear it and be comfy while sleeping.

The sleepset includes short and a tank top and are made from 50% rayon and 50% polyester.

The shorts are white with a light blue waist band and bottom edge and on the shorts you can see Dory many times just swiming around. Then there is the tank top that has a high neckline and is Dory blue with the front being completely covered with the face of Dory.

So now Finding Dory fans can have a comfy outfit for lounging at home and sleeping in on the weekend.

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buy Finding Dory String Light

Finding Dory String Light

If you want special lights for a fan of Dory then this Finding Dory string light is what you want.

The lights are great fun to bring light to any room and are great for the Christmas tree too. And you can use these Dory lights inside and outside.

The Finding Dory string light has 10 lights and they all look like the famous blue fish that we all know by the name of Dory.

At a length of 138 inches, this string light can go places and there are 12 inches between each Dory light.

Kids party, Christmas, or just fun decorations these Dory lights will make a lasting impression and will bring light.

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buy Finding Dory Toddler Onesie Pajamas

Finding Dory Toddler Onesie Pajamas

If your toddler like Nemo and Dory the surprise them with this Finding Dory toddler onesie pajama.

The footed pajamas are blue with orange neck and arm details and on the front, you can see under the sea with many fishes in the background but also Dory, Nemo, and even Hank the octopus.

The onesie pajama has a front zipper and comes in sizes 3T, 4T, and 5 and is made of flame resistant materials.

The kids are going to love sleeping in this sleep set and playtime in the morning will be happing in this Finding Dory pajama too.

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buy Finding Nemo Suitcase Cover

Finding Nemo Suitcase Cover

Suitcase covers are a great way to protect your luggage and make them easier to spot and now there is an amazing looking Finding Nemo suitcase cover.

The suitcase cover is available in 3 sizes and is highly stretchy so that it will fit almost any suitcase. The handles and wheels are accessible so that traveling with a covered suitcase is the same for you. But it is more difficult to get in and that will keep thieves out.

This suitcase cover shows Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo and he takes up most of the suitcase cover and in front of Bruce you can find Nemo and Dory and they are really scared of this huge shark.

Make traveling more fun by covering your suitcase in a Finding Nemo theme.

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buy Finding Dory Baby Dory 8 Inch Plush

Finding Dory Baby Dory 8 Inch Plush

Just Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming.

Yes that is the motto for little Dory, big Dory and any Dory.

This is a plush Dory that looks just like the baby Dory does in the fun animated Disney Pixar movie of Finding Dory. Find the two tones of blue, little yellow tail fin and yellow tipped side fins. To top off this baby Dory you see the giant adorable Dory eyes that will just melt your heart.

Made from a very soft and fuzzy plush material that has many of it’s features done with a durable embroidered style. The belly is filled with beans to give it some weight and character. The Baby Dory plush measures 8 inches in total length.

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buy Finding Dory Pajama Set (2 pairs)

Finding Dory Pajama Set (2 pairs)

Now you can have your girl wear Finding Dory pajamas as this set includes 2 pajamas and that makes it extra fun.

One pair of pajamas is light blue and a purple shirt front with on it Dory and Nemo and the text “She’s Fluent In Whale”. And the other pajama is pink and covered in Nemo And Dory.

This Finding Nemo pajama set is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes for little and big kids so that you girl can get one Finding Dory pajama.

And these two pajama’s are also great for mitch match wearing the shirt and top of the other pajama so it’s almost like you get 3 pajamas for the price of two.

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buy Finding Dory Backpack And Lunch Bag Set

Finding Dory Backpack And Lunch Bag Set

If you are looking for cute backpack and lunch box then come check out this Finding Dory set.

The set includes a 16 x 12 x 5 inches backpack that shows Dory And Nemo happily swimming in the water and the backpack has a mesh pocket on the side for a water bottle or maybe a juice pack.

And then there is a lunch box that looks like Nemo just like we have seen him in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory and it even has fins on the side.

The lunch box will connect to the front of the backpack so that it is ready for lunch time.

Just imagine how happy your child would be if they would have this Finding Dory school set.

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buy Finding Dory I Am Fluent In Whale Water Bottle

Finding Dory I Am Fluent In Whale Water Bottle

Now you can have a Finding Dory water bottle that is all about Dory and the fact that she is fluent in whale.

This is a metal water bottle and on the bottle, you can find 5 images of Dory in different states and in the middle it says “I am fluent in whale”.

You can get this Finding Dory water bottle in 18 or 24 oz and it is available in different colors as well.

The water bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel and is 100% BPA free. The bottle top has a loop on it which makes it great for connecting to your backpack or maybe even your belt.

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