buy Buttercup Don’t Call Me Princess Tank Top

Buttercup Don’t Call Me Princess Tank Top

If you like The Powerpuff Girls and don’t like it when people call you a princess then you will need this Buttercup don’t call me princess tank top.

The free tank top has a black print on the front that shows Buttercup in a circle and this Powerpuff girl is saying “Don’t call me princess” as that is printed around the circle.

If you expect people to call you princess then this shirt may work but it also do the opposite.

You can get this women’s shirt in junior sizes Small – XL and is made from 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon.

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buy Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Costume

Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Costume

Always wanted to be a Powerpuff Girl?

Now you can be Buttercup by simply wearing this Halloween costume.

This women’s costume has everything you need to look like Buttercup.

Wig, dress, belt and glasses are all included and this Powerpuff Girls costume is available in women’s sizes Small – XL.

Now you just need to find the superpower as flying is not going to work if you just look like Buttercup.

Cosplay, Halloween or any other dress up occasion will be a hit when you show up as one of the Powerpuff girls.

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buy Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Socks

Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Socks

Do you need some new socks?

After you have a better look at the picture above you do.

These knee high socks are Powerpuff Girls socks and they focus all around Buttercup.

So the toe and heel part of the socks is green and the top has a green band with the face of Buttercup on it.

Why wear boring plain socks when you can just get fun Powerpuff Girls socks.

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buy Powerpuff Girls Clothing Patch

Powerpuff Girls Clothing Patch

If Powerpuff Girls is all you can think about then it could be time to decorate your clothing with a fun Powerpuff Girls clothing patch.

This patch is 5 x 3 inches and makes the perfect patch to fix clothing or to decorate things like bags, jackets, pants or hats.

It’s easy just iron the patch on to the surface you want it on and you are good to go.

The patch shows Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup holding hand and it is an embroidered patch so it will really stand out nicely.

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buy Powerpuff Girls T-Shirt

Powerpuff Girls T-Shirt

This black t-shirt show the Powerpuff Girls.

Yes all tree Powerpuff girls are on their and they show you their favorite colors to.

If you like Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles and would like to have them on a t-shirt then you found the perfect shirt.
Besides just the girls there is also the Powerpuff Girls logo to make it even better.

This Powerpuff Girls t-shirt comes in a range of adult sizes from X-Small – X-Large.

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buy PowerPuff Girls Birthday Candle

PowerPuff Girls Birthday Candle

The Powerpuff Girls candle

One item that can’t be missing from the Powerpuff Girls birthday party is the birthday candle.

And this is a real Powerpuff Girl birthday candle. It has Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles all on the candle and of course they are ready to party.

This Powerpuff Girls candle is made by Wilton and that means a quality product for any party.
And this birthday candle is about 3 1/2″ tall and 2″ wide.

Get ready for the birthday party and start with this The PowerPuff Girls Birthday Candle.

buy The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup iPhone Case

The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup iPhone Case

The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup iPhone Case

Buttercup likes the color green and that is why this Powerpuff Girls iPhone case is green and has a picture of Butter cup on it.

If you have an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 then you are in luck as you iPhone can now be super cool.

And this Powerpuff Girls iPhone case is special. It has a hard plastic shell and a soft silicone sleeve to protect you phone from harm and make it look fun.

This Buttercup phone case of course keeps all your ports and buttons from your phone accesable so that you can leave it on all the time for optimal protection from harm.

Come and check out this amazing looking Powerpuff Girls Buttercup iPhone Case.