buy Pikachu Birthday Candle

Pikachu Birthday Candle

Now you can go get a cake to hold this Pikachu Birthday Candle.

A Pokemon birthday party is something that needs a special cake and now there is this candle that just makes any cake into a true Pokemon cake.

The candle is actually a candle holder with a white candle in it and as you can see the candle holder looks like Pikachu complete with tail and ears. The candle on the picture looks like an 8 but it is available in all the numbers and the full alphabet.

I am sure that the person you like to surprise with a Pikachu cake is going to love this candle.

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buy Despicable Me Birthday Candle Set

Despicable Me Birthday Candle Set

Despicable Me Minion Birthday Candle Set

What does a Despicable Me party need?

A cake of course that has Minions on them and with this candle set any cake will become a Minion Cake.

This set includes 8 colorful candles in candle holders and a orange sign with on that a picture of 3 Minions partying and there are even cupcakes flying around.

Any party will be a success when Minions are involved so why not go for this candle set so that your party is all set to become a success.

Now you can choose bake your own cake or buy one in store as you know that this candle set will make it all Despicable Me worthy.

Come now to order your Despicable Me Minion Birthday Candle Set.

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buy Despicable Me Minion Birthday Candle

Despicable Me Minion Birthday Candle

A Despicable Me themed birthday party of course needs a cake and on that cake it just need a real amazing candle.

And now you can get a Minion candle and this candle is a number. You can choose a number between 0 – 9 and each candle you can choose for a boy or a girl minion.

You won’t find these Minion birthday candles in store as they are real special and specially made for you.

Anyone in the world can now enjoy the perfect yellow and blue Minion birthday candle on their birthday cake.

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buy Spider-Man Birthday Candle Set

Spider-Man Birthday Candle Set

A Spider-Man birthday cake of course needs a special birthday candle.

But you came to the right spot as we found this 4 piece Spider-Man candle set.

There is one big sign that shows Spider-Man and the words “Happy Birthday” then there are two candles that show the face of Spider-Man and one candle is a red spider in it’s web.

Just imagine how cool your cake will look with these Spider-Man candles.

Now simple candles when you can choose to make you cake look stunning for your Spider-Man themed party.

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buy Finding Nemo Birthday Candle

Finding Nemo Birthday Candle

Finding Nemo cake candle

If you are gone have a Finding Nemo themed birthday party then this is what you need for on top of the cake.

A Nemo birthday candle.
This candle shows Nemo surrounded by sea stuff and it is just super cute.

A birthday candle like this will make any cake into a Finding Nemo cake.

And beside this candle of course you can have normal candle sticks to mark the age or just go for one candle that looks like Nemo.

Your Finding Nemo party will just need a special feature like this as it just makes the theme of the party come together.

Ready to blow out this Finding Nemo Birthday Candle?

buy Doc McStuffins Birthday Candle Set

Doc McStuffins Birthday Candle Set

Doc McStuffins Birthday Candle Set

A Doc McStuffins birthday party of course need a special birthday cake and on that cake you need fun candles.

Luckily we found these special Doc McStuffins birthday candles.
These candles come in a set of 4 to make the perfect cake.

There is one big candle with Doc McStuffins on it and the words “Happy Birthday” and then there is 3 heart shaped candles with on each one of the Doc’s friends there is one for Lambie, Stuffy and Hallie.

Now the Doc McStuffins themed birthday party can be a success as the candles on the cake of course need to be perfect.

Come now and order your Doc McStuffins Birthday Candle Set.

buy My Little Pony Candle Set

My Little Pony Candle Set

My Little Pony birthday Candle Set

This is a mini candle set from My Little Pony and these candles are perfect for the birthday cake for your My Little Pony party.

The candles are about 1 3/4 inch high and comes in a set of 4 candles.
There is a candle for Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle and then there is a sign that says “Happy Birthday” and that one has Princess Celestia on it.

A My Little Pony birthday party needs a My Little Pony cake and these My Little Pony candles will make the cake look amazing and of course it will be fun blowing out those candles to.

Get ready to host the My Little Pony party of the year and do go without this My Little Pony Candle Set.

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buy Wall-E Birthday Candle

Wall-E Birthday Candle

Wall-E cake Candle

If you wonder what kind of candle goes on a Wall-E cake then we have the answer.

This Wall-E candle is perfect for any cake but specially a Wall-E cake.

The candle shows Wall-E the fun yellow robot against a star filled background and below it there it has his name.

Burning this candle will be sad as it is so cute but still you found the perfect candle for your cake.

And this Wall-E birthday candle is made by Wilton and that means a great quality so that you are sure the candle will burn at you birthday.

You just have to take a closer look at this Wall-E Birthday Candle.

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buy Princess Tiana Birthday Candle

Princess Tiana Birthday Candle

Princess Tiana Birthday Candle

A special girl deserves a special birthday and that means a cake with a special princess on it.

This is a birthday candle of Princess Tiana from the Princess and the frog movie.

And the birthday candle is 3″ high and 2.5″ wide and is hand painted and of course food safe. I think this candle would look amazing on almost any birthday cake.

If you are planning the Princess Tiana party then come see this The Princess And The Frog Birthday Candle.

buy PowerPuff Girls Birthday Candle

PowerPuff Girls Birthday Candle

The Powerpuff Girls candle

One item that can’t be missing from the Powerpuff Girls birthday party is the birthday candle.

And this is a real Powerpuff Girl birthday candle. It has Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles all on the candle and of course they are ready to party.

This Powerpuff Girls candle is made by Wilton and that means a quality product for any party.
And this birthday candle is about 3 1/2″ tall and 2″ wide.

Get ready for the birthday party and start with this The PowerPuff Girls Birthday Candle.