buy Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Cardboard Standup

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Cardboard Standup

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Cardboard Standup


What more can you say about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman from the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.

Now you can bring a huge Catwoman into your room, this is a huge cardboard cutout standup of Catwoman with sleek and stylish cat suit on, and a very high quality image and amazing attention to detail.

This fiesty, fiery and fun Anne Hathaway Catwoman is made from thick cardboard and measures 69 inches tall and 20 inches wide.

Get your Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Cardboard Standup.

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buy Hawkeye Cardboard Cutout

Hawkeye Cardboard Cutout

Marvel Cutout of Hawkeye

So let go live size with those Avengers hero’s.

This is a 70″ tall carboard cutout of Hawkeye and when you want big you get bit.

With a cardboard figure like this shows up at your door you will be really excited and scared because this things looks like the real Hawekey from the Avengers movie.

You can see that he brought his bow and arrow and Hawkeye is ready to use.

Ideal for a party or just decorations this Marvel cutout will be a lasting piece in your collection.

Come have a better look at this Marvel The Avengers Cardboard Hawkeye Cutout. 

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Black Widow Lifesized Standup

Need a life sized Superhero to protect you?

This is Black Widow a classic Marvel Superhero featuring a sleek outfit to help with her stealth like moves and speed. A lifesized standup cutout based after Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the awsome Marvel movie The Avengers.

With amazing details and lifelike features and size this is a great addition to your Marvel Comics collection, measures approximately 67″ x 40″.

See more about the Black Widow Marvel Lifesized Standup.

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buy Sheldon Cooper Cutout

Sheldon Cooper Cutout

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Standee

How about a new friend?

This fellow may be a little bit strange but he is Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon is life size just like we know him from TV and his is a standee so he can be living in your house just like a real friend but then without making noise.

Sheldon is wearing his typical clothes with a Green Lantern t-shirt.

If you really like The Big Bang Theory then you should come check out The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Standee.

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buy Penny Cutout

Penny Cutout

The Big Bang Theory Penny life size cutout standee

If you like The Big Bang Theory then you love Penny as much as you do the boys.

And now Penny can be part of your life.

This is a life size free standing cutout of Penny. She can’t talk or sing you soft kitty but she will be modeling for you all day just like she would if she was the famous actress as she hopes to be.

She is wearing a nice purple dress with matching sandals so please don’t put her outside as we don’t want her to get sick.

Get ready to party Big Bang Theory style with this The Big Bang Theory Penny Cutout.

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Alex Russo Cutout

Alex Russo cutout poster with Slena Gomez

There is Alex Russo just like we see her on TV all the time in the TV show Wizards of Waverly Place.

This is cutout of Alex and this cutout is 5 1/2 feet high so almost like the real Alex Russo.

You can use this cutout poster as a freestanding Alex with the include easel or mount it on the wall or a door.

Of course this is also the peferct gift for a Selena Gomez fan as Alex in real live is Selena.

Come have closer look at the Wizards of Waverly Place star Alex Russo Cutout Poster.

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buy Harry Potter And Friends

Harry Potter And Friends

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will want you to have this great standup of Harry and his friends Hermoine and Ron.

They can protect you from you know who and because they are so big (44 x 66 inch) it almost looks like they are real.

Read More About The Harry Potter And Friends

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Jacob Black Cutout Poster

Jacob Black can now be standing in your room this 6 feet tall cutout of Jacob will be great on a wall or door but he can even stand by himself if you want him to attend your Team Jacob party. It will be so freaky because he looks like Jacob and is the size of Jacob so it’s almost like he will be there.

This poster is a must have for Jacob Black fans and just think of how jealous your friends will be.

Order you own Jacob Black Cutout Poster.

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