buy Avengers Hawkeye And Black Widow Leggings

Avengers Hawkeye And Black Widow Leggings

Avengers Hawkeye And Black Widow Leggings

On theses Avengers leggings you will find one of the legs dedicated to Hawkeye, a large image of him pulling back his bow and arrow ready to strike with a comic book worthy background.

Using the same fun background on the other leg you will find a great image of Black Widow with her red hair flowing and in her tight, sleek and sexy latex suit.

Available in women’s sizes that range from Small to 2XL and other than super cute and very cool looking these Marvel Avengers leggings are made from the perfect blend of materials 95% polyester and 5% spandex to give you comfort, durability and just the right amount of stretch to work on your own superhero moves.

Get into these slick looking Avengers Hawkeye And Black Widow Leggings.

buy Avengers Assemble Team Shower Curtain

Avengers Assemble Team Shower Curtain

Marvel Avengers Assemble Team Shower Curtain

A true fan of the Avengers of course would love to own a shower curtain with them on it.

And now you can have and Avengers Assemble Shower Curtain with the whole team.

Yes The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Falcon are all there just like in the animated TV series.

And this shower curtain just makes all this superhero’s pop out like the are falling from the sky. The blue background and the all those colorful superhero’s makes this 69 x 70 inch shower curtain perfect for a boring bathroom.

Any fan of Marvel comics can admire this shower curtain in your bathroom if you just simply get your own Marvel Avengers Assemble Shower Curtain.

buy Avengers Assemble Throw Blanket

Avengers Assemble Throw Blanket

Want a superhero to keep your warm?

Sorry we can’t help you with that but we can bring you a blanket that has 5 superhero’s on it.

This Avengers fleece blanket is the perfect way to stay warm while hanging on the couch or chair or maybe even just sitting on the floor while watching a Marvel superhero movie.

This blanket is black and has 5 panels in different colors and each panel shows a different Avenger. There is a panel for Captain America, Black Widow, The Hulk, Iron Man and Thor and the images are based on the comic characters not the one from the movie.

At 46 x 62 inch this Avengers blanket is perfect for many tasks so why not add one to your home?

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buy The Avengers Group Car Sunshade

The Avengers Group Car Sunshade

Avengers Group Car Sunshade

All of the Avengers heroes together and ready to help you keep the sun out of your vehicle and look good doing it.

This is a car sun shade that features amazing graphics and details, find in the center the official Avengers logo with many Avenger superheroes in their battle stance like Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor  and many many more.

Made to be durable while looking super stylish this Avengers car sun shade measures 58 inches  by 27.5 inches and is the perfect addition to a Marvel Avengers collection.

Protect your car with the Marvel Avengers Group Car Sunshade.

buy Black Widow Canvas Print

Black Widow Canvas Print

Black Widow, a fierce competitor in the Superhero world, a leader among Marvel Comics Superhero women.

This is a very special print of Marvels Black Widow in her Superhero battle pose with comic strip art in the background,  titled ” Secret War #4 ” this amazing piece of Marvel art also includes a certificate of authenticity.

Measures 18″ x 27″ and 1.5″ in depth, the Marvel Comics Black Widow print is a limited edition giclee on canvas and is all ready for you to mount on the wall to finish any Superhero room.

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buy Sesame Street Mighty Heroes T-Shirt

Sesame Street Mighty Heroes T-Shirt

Sesame Street Mighty Heroes T-Shirt Sheer

Sesame street characters are all heroes in my mind, now here is the proof.

This is a classic t-shirt that has many of our favorite Sesame Street characters dressed up as our favorite Marvel Avengers superheroes running into action ready to defeat the A B C’s and 1 2 3’s.

Find Elmo as Iron Man, Grover as Thor, Ernie as Hawkeye, Oscar as the Hulk, the Cookie Monster is Captain America, and Zoe is Black Widow.

This will be a super soft t-shirt made from 100% cotton and is a slim fitted shirt that is available in adult sizes Small to XLarge.

Change it up and get the Sesame Street Mighty Heroes T-Shirt.

buy Black Widow Cami Panty Set

Black Widow Cami Panty Set

Marvel Comics Avengers Black Widow Cami & Panty Set for women

If you need the perfect pair of pajamas that you can feel safe in when you sleep … then here they are.

This is a cool pair of pajamas, a cami and panty set that feature the Marvel Avengers character the Black Widow.

The camisole has a well detailed image that resembles Black Widow’s sexy outfit of a zippered top, it looks sleek and sexy with it’s hip hugging top design and background flames.

The panties are a low rise boy short style and feature her utility belt and the official Marvel Avengers Black Widow logo.

You can get this awesome Marvel Avengers Camisole Panty set in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Become a safe sleeping superhero with this Marvel Avengers Black Widow Cami And Panty Set.

buy Black Widow LEGO Minifigure

Black Widow LEGO Minifigure

Black Widow LEGO Minifigure

There we have one of those special female superhero’s Black Widow.

And this Black Widow figure is to play with because it is made by LEGO.

This LEGO minifigure looks exactly like the Black Widow that we have seen in the Avengers movie.
And that includes the black suit and the long brown hair.

If your minifig collection is missing this superhero then don’t wait and order your Black Widow LEGO Minifigure.

buy Black Widow The Avengers iPhone 4 4s Case

Black Widow The Avengers iPhone 4 4s Case

The Avengers, a cool action packed movie with many awesome Marvel superheroes, including Black Widow.

Black Widow in The Avengers movie is played by mainstream actress Scarlett Johansson, and that is exaclty what you will find on this iPhone 4 and 4S case.

With some different action poses of Black Widow along with a few other superheroes from the movie The Avengers off in the background and of course the official Avengers movie logo, the detail and color is absolutley marvel.

Made from hard plastic and specifically designed to fit your iPhone 4 and 4S it will also protect it from bumps and scratches while leaving all buttons and ports open for use.

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buy The Avengers Cupcake Rings

The Avengers Cupcake Rings

Marvel The Avengers Cupcake rings

A party that has cupcakes would be even more fun as those cupcakes have rings in them.

And these cupcake rings from the Avengers would be great.

These rings come in 6 different versions one for each hero so there is The Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye and Captain America.
And if 6 cupcake rings is not enough then you arein luck as this is a set of 12 cupcake rings two of each superhero.

Time to decorate you cupcakes with these fun Marvel The Avengers Cupcake Rings.