buy Kids Hulk Smash T-Shirt

Kids Hulk Smash T-Shirt

Now there is this Kids Hulk Smash T-Shirt that is just perfect for all the fans of The Hulk.

This Hulk t-shirt is green with on it in a brighter green the text “Hulk Smash!” with in between the words a cool image of The Hulk himself and he is standing in a circle.

You can get this Marvel t-shirt in kids sizes 7 – 14 and it is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

So if you know a Hulk fan that needs a cool shirt then this could be the perfect one and that makes this a fun surprise to them too.

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buy Hulk Bump Smash Maternity T-Shirt

Hulk Bump Smash Maternity T-Shirt

Marvel Comics has a surprise for you if you are pregnant, here is a cool fun idea have a look at the Hulk Bump Smash maternity t-shirt.

This is a maternity t-shirt that features a Marvel Comics superhero in baby form. Find baby Incredible Hulk legs and arm that look like they are sticking out right at the belly. Along with the green arm and legs you see the sayings of ” Bump Smash “.

As a maternity fit size the belly is larger and the t-shirt is longer. It is available in a wide selection of women’s maternity sizes that range from Small to 3XL.

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buy Hulk Fist Adjustable Hat

Hulk Fist Adjustable Hat

If you are looking for a hat that will be awesome and unique check out this Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk fist adjustable hat.

This is a hat that is based after The Incredible Hulk a Marvel Comics superhero. On the front of this all black hat you will see a really cool logo of the Hulk fist that is all green with a green circle around it. There is a smaller Hulk fist logo on the back so every angle you can show of the fist.

Made to be a one size fits most with an adjustable snap back fastener. This is a New Era 9Fifty that is made to be high quality with embroidered New Era logo and Hulk fist logos.

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buy Toddler The Incredible Hulk T-Shirt

Toddler The Incredible Hulk T-Shirt

Now there is a fun green Toddler The Incredible Hulk T-Shirt.

This t-shirt is available in toddler sizes T2 – T4 and all are made from 100% cotton. And bigger kids sizes are available too.

On the t-shirt you can see in yellow giant 3D letters the text “The Incredible Hulk” and then on top of it you can find The Hulk himself smashing the text with his big  giant green hands.

So if your child is crazy about The Hulk and it deserves a cool t-shirt then this Marvel t-shirt would make for a perfect present.

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buy Hulk Fist Bottle Opener

Hulk Fist Bottle Opener

If you need to open a bottle and need some superhero power for that then you have to check out this Hulk Fist Bottle Opener.

The Marvel superhero is famous for his strength and green skin and this time he is ready to help you open bottles.

The bottle opener is the famous fist of the Hulk and in the palm of his hand you can find a bottle opener.

And this Hulk hand stands 6 inches tall making it a fun piece to have standing in your kitchen or man cave and as it is green it is easy to spot when you have bottle in your hand that needs to be openend.

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buy Hulk Fist Mug

Hulk Fist Mug

If you like the Hulk and need a cool mug then you have to check out this Hulk fist mug.

The mug is green on the outside and is like the true fist of the Hulk and you can drink from it as it is a ceramic mug.

Coffee, tea, pop, or beer you can drink it from this amazing 3D sculptured mug.

The Hulk mug is 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide making it a great size for your next drink.

So put that boring plain round mug away and start feeling the Hulk power by every sip you take from the fist mug.

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buy Marvel Superhero Christmas Sweater

Marvel Superhero Christmas Sweater

If you are a women that would like a Christmas sweater with some superhero’s on it then you are in luck.

This Marvel ugly Christmas sweater has exactly that.

The red sweater is covers in snowflakes on the front and back and besides that it says in big letter “Marvel” on the front with below that Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk and Spider-Man.

You can get this Marvel Christmas sweater in women’s junior sizes Small – XL and al are made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Now the holidays can come because there will be a superhero on your sweater that will help you if needed.

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buy Marvel Hulk Fist Charm

Marvel Hulk Fist Charm

If you love Marvel Comics and The Incredible Hulk, aswell as jewelry why not put it all together and have one cool charm.

This charm is absolutley smashing (see what I did there), it features the giant green fist and wrist of Marvel Avengers Hulk, with a 3D fist that has detailed knuckles and hand giving you a piece of jewelry that will look great.

Made to fit many of the major brands of bracelets and necklaces like the PANDORA, Chamilia, Biagi and Troll, it is made from a very durable alloy metal that also contains some nickle.

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buy The Incredible Hulk Mr. Potato Head Toy

The Incredible Hulk Mr. Potato Head Toy

The Hulk Mr. Potato Head Toy

We all know what Mr. Potato Head is and now there is a special Marvel version of it with this The Hulk Mr. Potato Head toy.

Just like any Mr. Potato Head you can dress to potato up and this time it is the way the Hulk would look with green feet, arms, hair, ears and even parts of his face.

The Hulk Mr. Potato Head is 6 inch tall and you could use parts from other Marvel Mr. Potato Heads to make the ultimate superhero.

And The Incredible Hulk comes in a nice display box so that you can even admire this green spud without having to unpack him.

Add something green to your Marvel collection with this The Incredible Hulk Mr. Potato Head Toy.

buy Avengers Mini Superheroes Tank top

Avengers Mini Superheroes Tank top

Avengers Mini Superheroes Tank top

Featured on this tank top is a very cute and adorable mini versions of the big four, find Marvel Avengers Iron Man, Thor, Incredible Hulk and Captain America all as mini round heroes in full superhero suits with awesome details and vibrant colors covering the tank top fully with multiple little fun Marvel Anegers.

This officially licensed Marvel Avengers tank top is available in a wide variety of women’s slim fitted sizes that range from Small to XL and it is made to be super comfortable and very durable to last a long time… Now that is exactly what a supehero would need.

Enjoy the nice weather or a good workout in the Marvel Avengers Mini Superheroes Women’s Tank top.