buy Seinfeld Faceless Coffee Mug

Seinfeld Faceless Coffee Mug

If you like Seinfeld and a morning coffee then you should check out this amazing looking Seinfeld faceless coffee mug.

The Seinfeld mug is made from white premium ceramic and comes in an 11 and a 15 oz version.

On the white ceramic mug you can see the cast of Seinfeld only without their faces put in.

You can see Kramer, Elaine, George, and Jerry Seinfeld doing some fun poses to make this just a fun mug.

True fans of this now classic TV series can get a smile every morning while looking at this mug while getting ready for the first cup of coffee of the day.

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buy Seinfeld Puffy Shirt

Seinfeld Puffy Shirt


We all remember that famous episode of Seinfeld where Jerry wear the puffy shirt on to TV.

Of course it is all to help out Kramers then girlfriend Leslie who they aperently agreed with that he would wear the shirt on TV.

And now this famous Seinfeld shirt makes it mainstream and so now you can also look like a pirate just like Jerry Seinfeld did.

This shirt comes in wide range of sizes from Small – 3XL and as you can see above has all the puffy details just like the one Jerry wore.

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buy Seinfeld Cast Taxi Poster

Seinfeld Cast Taxi Poster

Once Seinfeld was the show to watch and still we love to see Jerry and his friends doing all their crazzy things on TV.

And now you can decorate your media room or any other place around the house with a nice Seinfeld Poster.

This poster shows Jerry, George, Elaine and of course Kramer. They are all sitting on the back of a taxi.

A fun way to get reminded of this fun comedy from the olden days.

This poster is 24 x 36 inches.

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Del Boca Vista Key Chain

Seinfeld Del Boca Vista Keychain

YES this is a great Seinfeld item that you don’t see often (I never saw it before).

It is a keychain of Del Boca Vista, the retirement community where Jerry Seinfeld’s parents live. But this key chain is from his dad because it has a special metal coin saying Mortimer Seinfeld.

So by owning this key chain you have two unique items that a real Seinfeld fan can’t live without.

Check out this Seinfeld Del Boca Vista Keychain.

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buy Kramerica Industries T-Shirt

Kramerica Industries T-Shirt

Kramerica Industries

Kramer always had something going on in his head that would in his eyes would change the world. His”company” Kramerica Industries was reason for us to laugh and laugh out loud.

This shirt is such a classic that it should just be part of a Seinfeld fan’s closet.

Check out all the cool colors you can get this 6 dollar Kramerica Industries T-Shirt in.

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