buy iCarly Red Christmas Ball Ornament

iCarly Red Christmas Ball Ornament

Christmas is the time of year that we try to make everything look pretty and this year could be the year that your tree will have some nice iCarly decorations.

How about a nice red glass Christmas ball with a picture of iCarly on it. And if you like this then you just have to see the Blue ball with iCarly & Sam.

Together those balls make a great looking tree.

But lets get back to this red ball with Miranda Cosgrove on it.

This blown glass ornament is 2.5″ in diameter  and of course has a great looking picture of you favorite TV character iCarly.

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buy iCarly Silly Little Truffles T-Shirt

iCarly Silly Little Truffles T-Shirt

Wow that is orange!

This orange t-shirt shows iCarly with her friend Sam and the words “Silly Little Truffles”

And that all make this a great t-shirt for you to wear to school, play and party.

The orange iCarly t-shirt is made out of  100% cotton and comes in many sizes.

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iCarly Thermos Lunch Box

iCarly Lunch Box by Thermos

While your kids need to take a health lunch to school the problem comes back time and time again how do we keep that food save, how do we store it.

Thermos for many many years now makes solutions for that goal. And now Thermos even makes solutions that kids are more then willing to take to school everyday.

Like this lunch bag with iCarly on it. The bag has two separate compartments to store the food in a safe way.

The bag has vibrant colors and a big picture of Miranada Cosgrove on it in her role as iCarly.

Make your kids happy with this bag and you will be happy knowing that the food you prepared for them will be save.

Go get this iCarly Thermos Lunch Box.

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iCarly 2012 Calendar

2012 iCarly picture calendar for on the wall

The new iCarly calendar is here.

2012 can’t be getting any better with the 2012 iCarly Calendar with tons of pictures of iCarly, Sam and all there friends.

And to make this calendar even more fun I am gone tell you this calendar is not 12 months no it is 16 months and that means that it already starts in September. And because it starts in September it is a great back to school item.

Every month on the iCarly calendar shows a great photo of iCarly and that is what we want tons of pictures of iCarly and her friends.

If you like iCarly and would love to have a new calendar then this is what you need.

Order your 2012 iCarly Wall Calendar.

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Miranda Cosgrove / iCarly Signed Photo

An autograph of Miranda Cosgrove / iCarly on a photograph of her

This is you changes to get and autographed picture of iCarly / Miranda Cosgrove.

A great gift and must have collectors item for any iCarly fan.

An signed photo of your favorite TV star is something you don’t find that easy but now you can get one.

This 8 x 10 photo is an authentic signed photo by Miranda Cosgrove.

Don’t wait to long go get your Miranda Cosgrove / iCarly Autographed Photo.

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buy iCarly Sunglasses

iCarly Sunglasses

iCarly is the cool girl and that means that if you give your kid these iCarly sunglasses they want to wear them instead of making a problem about wearing sun protection.

These iCarly sunglasses are shatter proof and of course give 100% uv protection.

If your kids are 3 or up then these could be the sunglasses they be wearing the whole summer.

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buy iCarly Glitter Lips T-Shirt

iCarly Glitter Lips T-Shirt

Make this year a year to remember and this iCarly t-shirt will help you reach that goal.

This iCarly glitter lips t-shirt will make people want to be your friend because a girl with a cool t-shirt like this just has to be a super friend.

Made out of 100% cotton mean that this shirt is great quality, and make it a great gift for an iCarly fan.
The glitter lips t-shirt comes in sizes from 7-16.

If you like aqua as a color then iCarly is gone look great on you.

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iCarly Random Sass T-Shirt

Lilac T-shirt with iCarly in Random sass

Check out Miranda Cosgrove aka iCarly on this lilac colored t-shirt.

It has big swirly letter saying iCarly and then a picture of icarly and then below her in between the flowers you find the words “Random Sass”.

A great colorful shirt that will make you look great and as a iCarly fan you will just love this t-shirt.

Go check out this iCarly Random Sass T-Shirt.

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iCarly Cool T-Shirt

iCarly hip and cool t-shirt

This t-shirt says “I’m down, I’m Cool, I’m Jiggly.” and iCarly on the bottom and then there is a big picture of iCarly (Miranda Cosgrove) and this all on a nice fuchsia colored short sleeved t-shirt.

Your friends will be impressed by this cool t-shirt and they want one to for sure.

So beat your friends to it and go get your iCarly Cool T-Shirt.

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iCarly Rain Coat

Enjoy the rain with this iCarly Rain Slicker in pink

Kids like to go outside rain or shine and how do we make them go outside in a jacket that protect them from the rain?

Simple give them one that hey like.

This rain coat has a huge picture of iCarly on the back and that will get the attention of all the iCarly fans out there.

Besides having iCarly on it is is cute with a pink color and color full bands over the edges.

Go have a closer look at this iCarly Rain Coat.

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