buy Eeyore Pendant Necklace

Eeyore Pendant Necklace

Eeyore is from one of Disney’s most popular animations, Winnie the Pooh. Now get this beautiful peice of jewelry of Eyore hanging upside down, with it’s title engraved on the back  “Some days look better upside down”. Add this unique solid sterling silver with 24K-gold plating pendant necklace to you collection.

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Tardis Key Pendant

Now you can take over the Tardis from the Doctor as this is the key to the Tardis.

Of course there is one little problem. Where is the Tardis and the Doctor?

A true Doctor Who fan would want to own this piece of jewelry because you never know when this Tardis key comes in handy.

So this could be the missing item in your or a friends Doctor Who collection.

Don’t wait order this Doctor Who Tardis Key Pendant.

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buy Guardians of the Galaxy Mix Tape Pendant Necklace

Guardians of the Galaxy Mix Tape Pendant Necklace


If you know Star-Lord then you know all about his cassette tape with the “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” on it.

This star of Guardians of the Galaxy does not go anywhere without it and now you can take it with you to.

OK you can’t have the real tape but you can have a pendant necklace that looks like the famous tape.

The pendant is made from zinc alloy (nickel free) with enamel details to make it looks like a smaller version of the mix tape.

Besides the tape pendant there is also a 20 inch long necklace so that you are ready to wear it. And to give it an amazing storage box they deliver this necklace in a gift box that looks like a cassette tape.

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