buy The X Files Smoking Man Pop! Figurine

The X Files Smoking Man Pop! Figurine

If you watched a lot of episodes of The X Files then you know all about the Smoking Man that always seems to be smoking a cigarette.

Now you can own a small version of this famous X Files character as they make the Smoking Man into a Pop! Vinyl figurine and he is number 185 in the Funko series.

The Smoking man is about  3 3/4 inch tall and of course has a cigarette in his hand because he really is addicted to those things.

If you are getting The X Files characters together then this figurine of the cigarette smoking man just has to be part of it.

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buy The Smoking Man T-Shirt

The Smoking Man T-Shirt

The Smoking Man T-Shirt

Fox’s The X Files television series has some famous characters but none more famous than the “Cancer Man”. He was a major villain and a part of the Syndicate who are hiding a little truth about aliens on earth. This t-shirt is a must of any X Files fan.

This t-shirt has a picture of the “Cancer Man” played by actor William B. Davis. This is a famous picture of him with his cigarette in his hand and in his suit and tie. One of X Files great quotes is also written on the t-shirt, “Trust No One”.

This distressed printed t-shirt comes in sizes Small to 2XL and will fit you true to size. It comes in a Royal Heather Blue color which looks great!

The only thing you can trust is wearing The X Files Smoking Man T-Shirt.