buy Betty Boop Bathroom Set

Betty Boop Bathroom Set

If you want something fun in your bathroom then you should just get this Betty Boop bathroom set.

The set includes a soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder and both have Betty on it.

Both the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder are made from white ceramic and on the outside, you can see a red dotted cover going all around and on that, you can find Betty Boop.

The Betty Boop toothbrush holder can hold up to 4 toothbrushes so you and your family can enjoy it.

The soap dispenser is easy to fill with your favorite soap and it has a stainless steel top that looks great with the white and red of the design.

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buy Princess Belle And Cinderella Soap Dispenser

Princess Belle And Cinderella Soap Dispenser

Disney Princess Belle And Cinderella Soap Dispenser

Make it more fun for kids to wash their hands!

And a boring soap dispenser is not gone help so change it to something fun.

If your kids like Disney Princesses then why not have a look at this 3D sculptured soap dispenser with Princess Belle and Princess Cinderella.

Now you kid will wash their hands like a real Disney Princess does.

And this Disney soap dispenser is made out of resin and that makes it strong and easy to clean.

Get your little Princess to wash their hands with the help of this Disney Princess Belle And Cinderella Soap Dispenser.

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buy Dora The Explorer Hand Soap Pump

Dora The Explorer Hand Soap Pump

Making kids wash their hands became so much easier with this Dora The Explorer hand soap.

The soap from comes in a fun soap dispenser with Dora and her friend Boots.

And besides having Dora on it the soap is also magical as it turns in to foam when you pump it out of this dispenser.

So if you kids like Dora then they want to wash their hands with this soap.

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buy Spider-Man Soap Dispenser

Spider-Man Soap Dispenser

Marvel Spider-Man soap dispenser

Making the kids wash their hands is sometimes a difficult task.

But it will get easier if you make it fun.

Put your liquide soap in this Spider-Man soap dispenser and your kids will wash their hands more then before.

This red dispenser has a blue pump and The Amazing Spider-Man logo and a picture of Spider-man on it.

So get ready to wash you hands with this Marvel Spider-Man Soap Dispenser.

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Batman Soap Dispenser

Batman Soap Dispenser

Washing your hands was never more fun then with this Batman soap dispenser.

This 6.5″ high plastic soap dispenser can hold your liquid soap that makes your hands clean and ready for you next superhero task at hand.

Not only is this Batman soap dispenser a must have item for a true Batman fan it is also great for kids as they now may like to wash their hands.

This soap dispenser shows a action packed Batman scene with bats flying in the sky, Batman of course and his name and logo.

Come check out this fun packed Batman Soap Dispenser.

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buy Spongebob Squarepants Hand Soap Pump

Spongebob Squarepants Hand Soap Pump

Wash your hands with real Spongebob soap.

And this hand soap is put into a fun Spongebob Squarepants soap dispenser.

This hand soap made by Softsoap is magical as when you pump it out of this Spongebob dispenser and start using it then it turns into foam.

Bathroom time will be so much more fun all thanks to SpongeBob Squarepants

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buy Toy Story Alien Soap Dispenser

Toy Story Alien Soap Dispenser

Toy Story fans recognize this alien right away.

So I am sure that your kids will to.

This 3 eyed alien is a soap dispenser and can hold the liquid soap that you want your kids to use to wash their hands.

As expected this Alien came original from Pizza Planet and where kids eat pizza kids get dirty hands so wash them with the help of one of the fun Toy Story characters.

When bathroom time comes around you should have this liquid soap dispenser ready because then your kids will love to wash their hands.

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Hello Kitty Soap Dispenser

Hello Kitty liquid soap dispenser

Boring hand soap pumps can be a thing from the past.

This Hello Kitty soap dispenser makes washing your hands fun again.

This liquid soap dispenser is shaped like Hello Kitty with a white pump in the top of her head.
Of course Hello Kitty wears her famous bow in her hair and this time it is pink like her pants.

If you bathroom needs a new soap dispenser then go order this Hello Kitty Soap Dispenser.

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Scooby-Doo Soap Dispenser

Scooby-Doo Plastic Soap Dispenser

Getting the kids to wash their hands can be tricky but now that will be so much easier.

This Scooby-Doo soap dispenser looks so fun with Scooby on it that the kids just want to play with it.

And this dispenser is from plastic so even if a little acident happends you don’t have to worry that it fall and breaks.

At 6.5″ tall this Scooby-Doo soap dispenser offers plenty of room for liquid soap.

Come check out this fun Scooby-Doo Soap Dispenser.

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