buy Betty Boop Bathroom Set

Betty Boop Bathroom Set

If you want something fun in your bathroom then you should just get this Betty Boop bathroom set.

The set includes a soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder and both have Betty on it.

Both the soap dispenser and toothbrush holder are made from white ceramic and on the outside, you can see a red dotted cover going all around and on that, you can find Betty Boop.

The Betty Boop toothbrush holder can hold up to 4 toothbrushes so you and your family can enjoy it.

The soap dispenser is easy to fill with your favorite soap and it has a stainless steel top that looks great with the white and red of the design.

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buy Hello Kitty Snack Toothbrush Holder

Hello Kitty Snack Toothbrush Holder

Now Hello Kitty can hold all your toothbrushes as this is a Hello Kitty toothbrush holder.

The toothbrush holder is white and on the white base you can see lots of snacks and fun things witch brings a lot of color to it and to make this brush holder even better there is of course an image of Hello Kitty and this time she is dressed in blue with her red bow in her hair.

The Hello Kitty toothbrush holder is made from melamine witch makes it really strong and has a removable top and it can hold up to 4 toothbrushes.

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buy Betty Boop Pudgy Toothbrush Holder

Betty Boop Pudgy Toothbrush Holder

Betty Boop Pudgy Toothbrush Holder

Adding to your Betty Boop bathroom set, or starting a Boop themed barhroom this is a must have.

This toothbrush holder has a painted on image of Betty Boop with her leg up, a classic pose she has been seen in many times. Also find white and pink hearts all over with a red background, the awesome feature is Betty Boop’s furry dog friend Pudgy is found on top carved 3d out of ceramic.

Made from ceramic this Betty Boop toothbrush holder stands 6.5 inches tall and holds up to four toothbruhses.

Add this to your Boop! collection get this Betty Boop Pudgy Toothbrush Holder.

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buy Peanuts Pigpen Toothbrush Holder

Peanuts Pigpen Toothbrush Holder

Peanuts Pig Pen Toothbrush Holder

Peanuts Gang fans and definetly Pigpen fans this is a perfect collectors item and a great item to actually use and add to a Peanuts themed bathhroom.

Featured on this toothbrush holder is a painted image of fun characters from the Peanuts Gang like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock and many more, On the top of this Peanuts toothbrush holder there is a 3d ceramic statue of Pigpen.

This is an officially licensed Peanuts product that is made from ceramic and measures 6.5 inches tall and is a four hole toothbrush holder.

Dont miss out collect and use this Peanuts Pigpen Toothbrush Holder.

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buy Disney Princess Toothbrush Holder

Disney Princess Toothbrush Holder

Princess toothbrush holder for kids

Are you always fighting with your little ones to brush there teeth?

Well, maybe you can get them to brush a little quicker if they find there toothbrush in this really cute princess toothbrush holder.

This cute pink with stripes Disney Princess toothbrush holder features a picture of the lovely Snow White in her pretty yellow and blue dress wearing her crown, and a picture of the beautiful Aurora in a lovely pink ball gown.

It measures 4.25 inches tall x  2.5 wide so it won’t take up much space on your bathroom counter.

Your little girl will dream of witch princess she wants to be when she grabs he toothbrush from the cute Disney Princess Toothbrush Holder.

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buy Hello Kitty Toothbrush Holder

Hello Kitty Toothbrush Holder

Hello Kitty toothbrush holder

Why have a boring old toothbrush holder on you bathroom counter when you can have this cute Hello Kitty toothbrush holder.

This Hello Kitty toothbrush holder is in the shape of the cute Hello Kitty herself wearing a orange jumper and a yellow top and has her cute little red bow on her head.

If you don’t have much space on your bathroom counters then this Hello Kitty tooth brush holder is perfect for you and with suctions on the back it will mount to your mirror, glass and tiles easily. It will also protect your toothbrush from dust and harmful bacteria because you just open the front of Hello Kitty’s overalls sit your toothbrush in and push it back and the flipper will close and keep it safe till you brush your teeth again.

Make brushing your teeth fun for the whole family and get this cool Hello Kitty Toothbrush Holder.

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buy Spider-Man Toothbrush Holder

Spider-Man Toothbrush Holder

Is your toothbrush just lying around in the bathroom? Or maybe it lives in a boring cup.

But why?

Your favorite  toothbrush can live in this amazing Spider-Man toothbrush holder.

This is a ceramic toothbrush holder with fun Spider-Man graphics on it and on top even a real 3D version of Spider-Man.

At 8 inch tall this toothbrush holder is just amazing look and great for kids and adults.

And an quality product like this of course lets you take the top of for easy cleaning inside and out.

Brushing your teeth becomes a lot more fun if you have a amazing toothbrush holder.

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