buy PJ Masks Catboy Trick Or Treat Bucket

PJ Masks Catboy Trick Or Treat Bucket

Now there is a PJ Masks Catboy trick or treat bucket that is just made for Halloween and collecting candy.

The Catboy treat bucket is plush on the outside and has the shape of the face of the famous Catboy just like in the PJ Masks TV series.

The PJ Masks trick or treat bucket is 7.5 inches tall with an easy carry handle to make it perfect for collecting candy on Halloween.

A treat bucket like this is a great addition your kids PJ Masks Halloween costume as it is in the same theme as the costume.

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buy Spider-Man Loot Scoop

Spider-Man Loot Scoop

Now Halloween candy can be stored securely in this Spider-Man loot scoop.

Sure people use bags and treat pails but this loot scoop is cooler as it is a stick with on the end the red Spider-Man hand with a hole in and on the hand is a blue bag connected that has a picture of Spider-Man on it.

So it is kind of a Spider-Man treat bag and is just perfect for Halloween and if you child loves this spidery superhero then this is kind of a must have especially if they dress up like Spider-Man.

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buy Personalized Caillou Trick Or Treat Bag

Personalized Caillou Trick Or Treat Bag

Now there is a Caillou trick or treat bag so that you little Caillou fan can have a bag to collect candy with Halloween.

The Caillou bag is black and on it, you can see a circle with in it Caillou and he is dressed up as a dinosaur and he has a pumpkin to collect his candy in and yes his famous cat is there too.

Around the circle, it says “Trick Or Treat” on the top and below the circle, it can have the name of your child and that makes this a cool personalized Caillou trick or treat bag that will be perfect for a lot of candies.

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buy Thomas The Train Treat Pail

Thomas The Train Treat Pail

If your child is crazy about Thomas the Train and would like a cool way to carry its candy then this treat pail is what they need.

The molded plastic treat bag is shaped like Thomas the tank engine and is great for collecting easter eggs and even better it is perfect for trick or treat on Halloween.

As it is made from plastic it is just a cool piece that even after collecting candy you child will love to play with it and maybe store other toys inside it.

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buy Star Wars Halloween Tote Bag

Star Wars Halloween Tote Bag

This Star Wars tote bag is made for Halloween and that makes it perfect as a treat bag for when you go trick or treating.

This black tote bag shows in orange a circle that could be the moon but actually is the Death Star and in front of that you can see the silhouettes of a tree branch and Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Darth Vader and Yoda walking by with carved pumpkins in their hands.

A tote bag like this is a must have for the true fans of Star Wars and of course one that you can use many Halloween’s to come.

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buy Jurassic World Candy Pail

Jurassic World Candy Pail

What do Halloween and Easter have in common?

Both holidays often have candy collection in common and that is why this candy pail is perfect.

The black pail has the Jurassic World logo on one side and on the other side it shows more dinosaurs and the text “Welcome to Jurassic World”.

Beside Easter and Halloween kids can find a use for this pail as it can hold so many things like their dino collection or maybe the sandbox toys.

Get your child ready for trick or treat and egg hunts with a decent candy pail like this.

And yes this pail of course fits nice with a Jurassic World Halloween costume as well.

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buy PAW Patrol Trick Or Treat Bag

PAW Patrol Trick Or Treat Bag

With Halloween it all about the costumes and the candy and if you like PAW Patrol then this candy bag would be perfect for when you go trick or treating.

The black canvas tote bag has a Halloween theme and besides that it has Chase, Rubble and Marshall 3 of the famous pops from PAW Patrol.

Above the picture of the dogs it says “Trick or Pup Treat!” and below all that it can have your child’s name at no extra charge so that you know what bag with candy is for your kid.

With PAW Patrol ready for Halloween this will be extra fun this year.

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buy Adventure Time BMO Loot Bags

Adventure Time BMO Loot Bags

Everybody loves BMO from the cool animated television series Adventure Time, now make BMO the center of your next themed party.

This is a party favor loot bag that features BMO the video game character from Adventure Time, find his face screen, buttons and controls all printed to look just like BMO does on Adventure Time.

Measuring 9 inches by 6.5 inches you will get 8 loot bags in each package, these BMO loot bags are perfect for those small gifts and party favors for any party or even to hand out for halloween.

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buy My Little Pony Treat Bag

My Little Pony Treat Bag

My Little Pony treat bag

It would be fun to give out some fun treat bags at your My Little Pony birthday party.

And now there are these fun My Little Pony treat bags that would be perfect to store those party favors in.

On the bag you can find many ponies and even Spike the dragon. And on top of the bag there is room to write down the name of the person who you are  gone give this bag to.

These party favor bags have lots of space for many treats and they come in a pack of 8 so that you are set to go for your kids birthday party.

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buy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Loot Bags

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Loot Bags

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Loot Bags

Are you planning the birthday party of the year?

If it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles style then of course you need some fun matching treat bags so that you guests can think about your amazing party when they get home.

This set of 8 loots bags is great for that.

These loot bags show the 4 Ninja Turtles Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael and as the real TMNT characters they are ready for action.

A party with Turtles deserves a special treat bag with turtles and these bags are just cute and cool for kids and as they comes in a set of 8 you have less to worry about planning this party.

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