buy Bob’s Burgers Family Shower Curtain

Bob’s Burgers Family Shower Curtain

Bob's Burgers Family Shower Curtain

Now you can dress up your shower with this Bob’s Burgers shower curtain that brings all the Belcher family together.

The shower curtain shows a line drawn Bob’s Burgers restaurant and has the shows logo on top and the family in full color in front of all that and they are doing a funny pose besides Tina but she is kinda awkward, to begin with.

The Bob’s Burgers shower curtain is 69 x 70 inches and has 12 enforced eyelets for the shower hooks (not included) and is made from 100% softened polyester.

if you like Bob’s Burgers so much that you would shower in the restaurant then you just need to get this amazing looking shower curtain.

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