buy Tina Belcher Air Freshener

Tina Belcher Air Freshener

If you like vanilla scent and Tina from Bob’s Burgers then you just need this Tina Belcher air freshener.

The air freshener shows Tina and below her a banner that says “Butts” something that Tina really likes.

The Bob’s Burgers air freshener is officially licensed and that means that this vanilla smell that Tina really likes.

Now you can have Tina hanging on your mirror in the car and she will remind you about butts while bringing that fresh smell to your car and you can hang this air freshener in a different place too like your locker at school or a stinky closet at home.

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buy Bob’s Burgers Family Blanket

Bob’s Burgers Family Blanket

If you want a nice warm blanket to keep warm while watching TV then you should check out this Bob’s Burgers family blanket.

On the blanket you can see Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise all looking pretty happy (besides Tina) and Bob even brought a nice juicy burger and above it all, it says “Bob’s Burgers”.

The officially licensed blanket is 45 x 60 inches and it is a fleece blanket so it will keep you warm.

Now you can take your Bob’s Burgers to the park for a picnic or just use it on your bed or the couch and one thing is sure, it looks amazing and fun.

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buy Louise I Smell Fear On You iPhone Skin

Louise I Smell Fear On You iPhone Skin

If you like Bob’s Burgers and would like your iPhone to look really cool then you want this Louise I Smell Fear On You iPhone skin.

This is not a case just a vinyl decal specially made for your phone and it is easy to remove and install and the material is special as it will help with bubbles and scratches.

The iPhone skin is yellow and on it, you can see Louise Belcher and yes she does look different but still clearly is her and above her, between her bunny ears it says “I Smell Fear On You” and even has a little skull.

You can get this Bob’s Burgers phone skill for many iPhone models so just click the buy button above to see if it is available for your phone.

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buy Louise I Smell Fear On Your Backpack

Louise I Smell Fear On Your Backpack

If you like Louise from Bob’s Burgers and need a fun backpack then come check out this Bob’s Burgers backpack.

The backpack is gray in color and on it, you will see a green pocket that has the Bob’s Burgers logo with in white the text “I Smell Fear On You” and this text can also be found as a background on the main gray compartment that also shows Louise’s face and her bunny ears. And to match the ears they gave this backpack pink adjustable straps.

Inside the bag, you will find a tech sleeve so you can take you gadgets without worrying and on the side you find mesh pockets that are just great for a water bottle or small things.

Get your Louise I Smell Fear On Your Backpack

buy Louise I’ll See You In Hell T-Shirt

Louise I’ll See You In Hell T-Shirt

If you like Bob’s Burgers then you will like this Louise t-shirt.

The men’s heather gray t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes Small – 3XL and I think it would look fun on women too.

On the shirt, you can see Louise Belcher with her famous rabbit ear hat and her arms in the sky and next to her you find the text “I’ll see you in hell!” and that is something you could expect Louise to say.

So if you want a shirt that may make people look twice and maybe even get offended then this Bob’s Burgers t-shirt is what you really need.

Get your Louise I’ll See You In Hell T-Shirt

buy Bob’s Burgers Wall Calendar 2018

Bob’s Burgers Wall Calendar 2018

This is the Bob’s Burgers wall calendar 2018 and that means that 2018 will be a smashing year if you have this hanging on your wall.

The wall calendar, of course, has Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise in it but there are other Bob’s Burgers characters to like Linda’s sister and the boy that Tina likes.

And there is not just a pretty image every month, there is more like a scene of their lives with the text of what they are saying below it.

The calendar grid is great too as it has nice big squares and an image of a Bob’s Burgers character too and all the major holidays are on it so you will know what day Christmas is in 2018.

Get your Bob’s Burgers Wall Calendar 2018

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buy Mr. Business Cat T-Shirt

Mr. Business Cat T-Shirt

If you are a true fan of Bob’s Burgers then you know who Mr. Business is and if you are not then this is just a fun t-shirt of a cat and for the fans, it’s a Mr. Business cat t-shirt.

This light gray t-shirt just shows the car from Gayle Mr. Business in a circle and above the circle, it says his name “Mr. Business” and we know he has some health issues and that is why he needs food every two hours to prevent him from getting lethargic.

This funny Bob’s Burgers t-shirt is available in men’s sizes Small – 3XL and is made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

Get your Mr. Business Cat T-Shirt

buy Bob’s Burgers Watch

Bob’s Burgers Watch

When is burger time? Simply wear this Bob’s Burgers watch and it will always be burger time.

The Bob’s Burgers wrist watch has a red band with on it the Bob’s Burgers logo and the watch itself is a normal digital watch with on the watch face also a flying burger and the clock is covered by a big flip up burger so normally when you look at your wrist you will see the burger until you uncover the watch.

A watch like this is something every Bob’s Burgers fan needs so that they always are on time to get the burger of the day before Louise changes it into something strange.

Get your Bob’s Burgers Watch

buy Bob’s Burgers #1 Dad Mug

Bob’s Burgers #1 Dad Mug

If your dad likes Bob’s Burgers and he is awesome then surprise him with this Bob’s Burgers #1 dad mug.

The white ceramic mug is 11 oz in capacity and would make for a great father’s day present.

On the mug you can see Bob Belcher standing next to the text “#1 Dad” and the text is in fun colors that do remind me of the scarf of the 4th Doctor Who.

To get a better view of the print just click on the picture that way you can see Bob and the text much better.

A special dad like yours deserves a special mug and this is the perfect mug if you dad really likes to watch Bob’s Burgers.

Get your Bob’s Burgers #1 Dad Mug

buy Belcher Family Flip Flops

Belcher Family Flip Flops

Now you can have Bob’s Burgers family flip flops that look so much better then just boring plain colored flip flops.

These adult sized flip flops have a black sole and strap and the footbed is covered in pictures of Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise and sure it does not show their actual faces but the typical hair makes it clear what Bob’s Burgers family member it is.

The Belcher family maybe a little bit strange but that makes them so fun to watch and when you wear these flip flops everywhere you go you always have them near to remind you how much fun they are to watch.

Get your Belcher Family Flip Flops