buy Finding Nemo Dory Figurine

Finding Nemo Dory Figurine

Finding Nemo figurine with Swarovski crystals

Did you fall in love with Dory from the Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo?

Dory met Merlin on his quest to find his son Nemo after he had been captured by a diver from the ocean. Nemo was bought to a dentist office and put into a fish tank as a gift for a bad little girl named Darla.

Dory may of had a short term memory but that didn’t stop her from helping Merlin find Nemo.

This fully sculpted Dory Figurine shaped just like Dory herself. She is completely covered in 1201 Swarovski crystals.
Dory will Sparkle your best memories of her from the movie Finding Nemo.

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