buy Westworld Bernard Figurine

Westworld Bernard Figurine

Now you can have your own Westworld Bernard figurine.

Bernard Lowe is one of those Westworld characters we can do without and now you can have your own Bernard in your life.

The Westworld figurine is part of the Funko Pop! series and the box is marked with number 461.

Bernard of course wears his famous glasses and Brough his notebook.

If you want a host in your life then this 3 3/4 figure of the star of Westworld is what you need and you can keep him in his nice box if you want.

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buy Funko Pop Rick Figurine

Funko Pop Rick Figurine

If you like Rick from Rick and Morty then you have to check out this Rick figurine.

The figurine of Rick is number 112 from the Funko Pop! series.

As you can see Rick really looks like he does in the fun cartoon complete with his spiky hair and his typical eyebrow. And Rick likes to drink so he brought his flask too because then he is always ready for a sip.

The Rick figurine is 3 3/4 inch tall and comes in a nice box if you like to look at him at and not touch. Having Rick does make you wonder where Morty is.

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buy Black Panther Figurine

Black Panther Figurine

Now there is an amazing Black Panther figurine.

This Marvel superhero figure is a 5000 pieces limited edition collectors item that is handcrafted and hand painted.

The figurine of Black Panther is 8 inches tall and it shows the superhero has a base that looks like stone and it says “Black Panther” and it does shows the superhero stands on a Wakandan jungle-inspired sculpted rock and that makes it really good.

So now you can have an amazing figurine of one amazing looking Marvel superhero and as it is a limited run item you won’t see this figure often.

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buy LEGO BB-8 75187

LEGO BB-8 75187

If you are a Star Wars fan that likes to build then you should check out this LEGO BB-8 figurine.

The BB-8 LEGO set is number 75187 and includes 1106 pieces that will make a 9 inches tall and 5 inches wide and even comes with his own stand so that the Star Wars droid can be on display in your home.

This is a fairly big Star Wars set to build but it will be worth you time as it looks amazing and just building your own Star Wars droid will be lots of fun too and you can do it all by yourself or do it with friends or family.

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buy Jurassic Park T-Rex Figurine

Jurassic Park T-Rex Figurine

Now you can have your own dinosaur because this is a Jurassic Park T-Rex figurine.

The figurine is just cool looking as it has the big T-Rex from the original Jurassic Park movie and he is standing on top of the famous movie logo and he does not seem you to come close.

The dinosaur figurine is 4 1/2″ tall x 12″ long x 3″ wide and is made because of the 25th anniversary of the Jurassic Park movie which most of us can still remember like it was yesterday.

So now you can have your own dinosaur watching over your home and the Jurassic Park logo.

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buy Li’l Sebastian Figurine

Li’l Sebastian Figurine

If you like horses and Parks And Recreation then you should check out this Li’l Sebastian figurine.

The figurine of Li’l Sebastian is part of the Funko Pop! series and that makes him look fun and 3 3/4 inches tall just like the other figurines in the Pop! vinyl series.

The little brown hose looks amazing and he is sitting down and every time you look at it you will smile and think back of the amazing adventures that happen in Pawnee.

So add this cute little horse to your collection and it will look stunning in between other Parks And Recreation figurines but he will be happy on his own or with other fun figurines too.

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buy James Bond In Auston Martin Figurine

James Bond In Auston Martin Figurine

If you are a true James Bond fan then you have to check out this James Bond figurine that shows 007 sitting inside his Auston Martin.

James Bond loves his Auston Martin and this time he is driving the classic DB5 and we all remember the movie that he used this now classic car.

The James Bond figurine is part of the Pop! vinyl series from Funko and that means he will look great in between all your other figurines in the series and maybe he chases down the bad guys.

And if you really like to keep James Bond protected then you can keep him in his great looking box that has a big window in it.

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buy Jared Figurine

Jared Figurine

Jared is one of my favorite Silicone Valley characters and now you can get your own Jared figurine.

The figurine of Jared is made by Funko in their Pop! series and the figurine looks just like the real Jared Dunn and he is wearing his Pied Piper jacket that we have seen him wear and like the real one it has his name on it.

The figure of Jared is 3 3/4 inches tall and he looks way taller just like the real character and he comes in his own windowed box so that you can keep Jared look new if you prefer that but I would put him next to the computer.

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buy Parzival Pop! Figurine

Parzival Pop! Figurine

Now you can have a cool Parzival Pop! figurine just like we know him from the Ready Player One movie.

The cool Ready Player One figurine is part of the Funko Pop! vinyl series and Wade Watts comes in a cool box with a window so that you can keep it in new state and protected for when he is in the virtual world.

Parzival look amazing in his outfit and with the cool hair and all that makes it just like you expect from a movie figurine.

So get your Ready Player One collection going with this cool figurine.

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buy King Ezekiel Figurine

King Ezekiel Figurine

If your The Walking Dead collection misses the king then you should check out this King Ezekiel figurine.

The figurine is part of the Pop! series from Funko and comes in a nice box with a see through window so that you can choose to keep the king in new state.

The figurine of King Ezekiel looks like you expect with his beard and hair just like you expect and he just looks like we know him from The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead figurine is 3 3/4 inches tall and it will fit in perfectly with other  vinyl Pop! figurines that you may have.

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