buy Buffy Figurine

Buffy Figurine

Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans can now own a Buffy Figurine.

Now there is a vinyl figurine for all the Buffy fans ages 5 and up and she looks like she is ready for business with a stern look and a wooden stake to use on the vampires. Buffy is wearing red pants with a black shirt and black boots all looking really good on her.

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer figurine stands 5 inches tall and comes in a really nice box that has a see through front so that you can keep her in it if you like to keep it look new for a long time but I would take her out and put her on a nice shelf in your home.

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buy Jaime Lannister Figurine

Jaime Lannister Figurine

Game of Thrones fans can now own their own Jaime Lannister Figurine.

This figurine shows Jaime as we know him in his armor ready for battle and yes he did bring his sword too.

And this Game of Thrones figurine is part of the Pop! series from Funko and the box has number 10 on it.

The figurine of Jaime Lannister is 3 3/4 inches tall and will look great as part of your Game of Thrones collection and it works out of the box or you can keep it in the box so that it keeps looking new as it has a nice window in the box.

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buy Captain Marvel In Jacket Pop! Figurine

Captain Marvel In Jacket Pop! Figurine

Now you can own your only Captain Marvel In Jacket Pop! Figurine.

The figurine of Captain Marvel is one shaped like the typical Pop! vinyl figurine from Funko and this time it really looks like the female superhero Captain Marvel and besides her uniform she is also a brown leather jacket.

The figurine of Captain Marvel is 3 3/4 inches tall like most Pop! figurines and she also comes in a nice windowed box so that you could keep her protected from the elements or just get her out and have her on a shelve or your desk.

The Captain Marvel figurine is number 435 in the Funko series.

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buy Rick Bobblehead

Rick Bobblehead

Rick and Morty fans can now have their own Rick bobblehead that is made to dress up your car.

This is a dashboard dancer that easily sticks to the dashboard of your car and it looks like Rick from Rick and Morty and he will shake around while you drive around all thanks to the build in spring.

Besides in your car you can use this Rick figurine at home or the office too as it is kind of a fun bobblehead.

The figure of Rick Sanchez is 5 inches tall and is made from resin and is just great fun to have for a road trip.

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buy Gus Fring Bobblehead

Gus Fring Bobblehead

If you like Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul then you should check out this Gus Fring Bobblehead.

The bobblehead shows Gustavo Fring in his typical khaki pants and yellow shirtband he is standing in his famous chicken restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos.

The figurine of Gus is 8 inches tall and he will shake his head at you all day long if you want.

We all know Gustavo is a one smart business man that seems to be good at hiding his not so nice businesses.

So if you want some cool memorabilia from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul then adding this bobblehead to your home is a great idea.

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buy Levitating Golden Snitch

Levitating Golden Snitch

Harry Potter can now have a real Levitating Golden Snitch.

You don’t have to play quidditch to be able to catch the golden snitch because this time you can own a golden snitch that just floats above a nice Harry Potter themed base that has the Harry Potter logo and also the logo’s of Hogwarts and the houses.

And to make this look even more amazing you can even turn the light in the base on so that it really looks stunning in the dark when the golden snitch just hangs there like it flying.

This is an unique item that is something a true Harry Potter collector wants.

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buy Marty Mcfly Precious Moments Figurine

Marty Mcfly Precious Moments Figurine

If you like Back To The Future and want something fun then check out this Marty Mcfly Precious Moments Figurine.

We all know the amazing looking Precious Moments figurines and this one shows Marty Mcfly while he is getting out of the DeLorean time machine car.

The figurine has the typical cute look like we know for the Precious Moments figures but it still is so obvious Back To The Future.

The highly detailed figurine is made from resin and is 7 1/4 inches long and will be a must have for the true fans of Back To The Future and Precious Moments.

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buy Levitating Darth Vader

Levitating Darth Vader

Now Star Wars fans can own this Levitating Darth Vader.

As you can see there is black base with the Star Wars and Empire logo on it and some other picture too. Above the base you will find the famous black helmet of Darth Vader and it is just floating above the base which really makes it cool.

If it gets dark then you can turn on the build in light so that it looks even more amazing as the light is red and comes from LED’s.

A floating Darth Vader head is something a home of a true Star Wars fan needs.

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buy Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose

Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose

The Classic story of Disney’s Beauty And The Beast will always be a classic along with the timeless treasures throughout like the Enchanted Rose.

This Enchanted Rose is made to be very high quality with so many fine details to make it look and feel real. It stands 13 inches tall and has a poseable stem so you can recreate the rose in any position you like.

The rose petals are made from hand painted latex and feature details like veins and wrinkles. Wrapped around the rose are low lit white / gold lights that bring this rose to life and come with a USB power chord.

The Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose comes assembled inside of a glass dome, it will be the center conversation piece for sure so don’t wait and get this Enchanted Rose on display.

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buy Barbie Of The 13th Doctor Who

Barbie Of The 13th Doctor Who

Now there is a special doll as this is the Barbie Of The 13th Doctor Who.

If you are a Doctor Who and Barbie collector or just want a fun doll to play with then you should get this Doctor Who Barbie doll.

The Barbie looks amazing just like the real female Doctor Who complete with perfect Barbie hair and her normal outfit and yes she did bring her Sonic Screwdriver too.

Mattel did a great job creating a copy of the Doctor and she will look great hanging out with other Barbies you may own.

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