buy Moana Fridge Magnet

Moana Fridge Magnet

Moana is cool and magnets are fun and that is why they made this Moana fridge magnet.

The Moana magnet shows a nice picture of the girl Moana from the Disney movie.

And this magnet is available round or square and even in different sizes.

So now you can surprise you child or yourself with a fun magnet that you can stick on the fridge or a different metal surface and then everytime you pass the fridge you can see Moana looking at you and that will make you smile.

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buy Cars Cruz Ramirez Figurine

Cars Cruz Ramirez Figurine

We all know that Lightning McQueen is getting a bit older and is not racing so great anymore but luckily he has Cruz Ramirez to train him back to shape.

And you can own a figurine of Cruz Ramirez.

This is a Pop! figurine made by Funko and it numbered 284 on the box.

The figurine shows the yellow car complete with the number 51 on the side and some Dinoco advertisement.

And unlike most Pop! figurines this one is rated ages 3+ so even kids can collect them and maybe even play with them.

Support Lightning in his quest back to the top and that will start with adding Cruz Ramirez to your collection.

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buy Jack Sparrow Pillow

Jack Sparrow Pillow

If you would like to cuddle with Jack Sparrow then owning this Jack Sparrow pillow should be on your list.

Now you can have your own Pirates Of The Caribbean pillow that shows Jack from the sides with a cloudy day in behind him.

And this pillow is available as a throw pillow and a lumbar pillow and it comes in different sizes too. And to make this pillow even cooler the make an indoor version for when you watch Jack Sparrow on TV and an outdoor version so that you can take your Pirates Of The Caribbean pillow on to you own pirate ship without having to worry about damaging your Jack Sparro pillow.

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buy Jack Sparrow Skull T-Shirt

Jack Sparrow Skull T-Shirt

Jack Sparrow is back and any Pirates Of The Caribbean fans just needs this Jack Sparrow skull t-shirt.The t-shirt

The Pirates Of The Caribbean t-shirt is available in many colors and sizes and in styles for men, women, and kids but you have to be a bit of a pirate to be allowed to wear it.

On the t-shirt, you can see a black and white art piece with a skull in the middle and swords sticking behind it as well as some pirate ships and below the skull, there is a banner that says “Jack Sparrow” on it.

Now you can show the world that you didn’t forget about Jack and his stories by simply wearing this Pirates Of The Caribbean t-shirt.

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buy Beauty And The Beast Power Bank

Beauty And The Beast Power Bank

Now there is a Beauty And The Beast power bank so that you never have to worry about your phone running out of power again.

The power bank shows a stain glass design of Beauty And The Beast dancing.

The power bank has one normal USB port for charging your devices and the battery has an 1800 Mah capacity and comes pre-charged.

Now you never have to worry if the handsome prince called you because thanks to the Beauty And The Beast portable battery you never have to worry about your phone running out of power.

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buy Rapunzel Figurine

Rapunzel Figurine

Now you can have your own Rapunzel figurine as that should be part of every Disney collection.

The figurine of Rapunzel is highly detailed and she really is showing off the amazing dress she is wearing and her hair is decorated with flowers.

The Rapunzel figurine is made from stone resin and is 9 inches tall and it looks like she just walked out of the Tangled movie.

Everything you want is there complete with shoes and an amazing look and that means that this should be part of you Disney collection.

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buy Kids Moana Swimsuit

Kids Moana Swimsuit

If your little girl really likes the Disney movie Moana then maybe this Moana swimsuit will get them to love swimming.

The girl’s swimsuit is a mustard kind of color with some patterns on the top and on the rest of the front, you will find a big picture of Moana. And to make this swimsuit feel a bit more like the movie they even added an embroidered flower to the strap.

You can get this Disney swimsuit in girls sizes 2 -10 and I am sure your girl will love amazing in this piece.

Now you replay the Moana story at the beach or pool while you girl looks like she is Moana.

Get your Kids Moana Swimsuit

buy Tsum Tsum Minnie Mouse Lip Balm

Tsum Tsum Minnie Mouse Lip Balm

Now your lips can taste like strawberry thanks to this Tsum Tsum Minnie Mouse lip balm made by Lip Smacker.

The lip balm is red and is housed in a red base with a top that looks like the Tsum Tsum version of Disney’s Minnie Mouse complete with a hair bow.

If you collect Tsum Tsum things or just want an amazing lip balm then this is what you need and the people from Lip Smacker made this a highly usable and collectible piece that can be used by kids and adults that hate dry lips and like Minnie and strawberry.

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buy 8Bit Lightning McQueen Night Light

8Bit Lightning McQueen Night Light

Now there is a Cars Lightning McQueen night light that will bring light to the dark while showing the cool car with number 95.

The Cars night light does not just show a normal image of Lightning, this time the image looks like an 8bit computer image but the car is driving on the road with a blue sky above it that says “Lightning McQueen” on it and if you want you can have your name there for no extra cost making it a fun personalized present.

The night light has a switch on the front so that you can turn it on and off when needed.

Now Lightning McQueen will prevent you from being scared in the dark as he will bring light whenever you need it.

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buy Ariel The Little Mermaid Stone Resin Figurine

Ariel The Little Mermaid Stone Resin Figurine

If you like Disney figurines then you should check out this Ariel The Little Mermaid stone resin figurine as it looks so cute and stunning.

The figurine shows Ariel lying on a rock with her fin up and Flounder is swimming close to her head and Sebastian is hiding under the rock.

The figurine has amazing details and is 6.6 inches high making it just the perfect size for you figurine collection.

Anyone who likes Ariel will love to have this figurine and that makes it the perfect present to give too.

Click the image of Ariel above to have a closer look from all angles of this amazing figurine.

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