buy Finding Dory Baby Dory 8 Inch Plush

Finding Dory Baby Dory 8 Inch Plush

Just Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming.

Yes that is the motto for little Dory, big Dory and any Dory.

This is a plush Dory that looks just like the baby Dory does in the fun animated Disney Pixar movie of Finding Dory. Find the two tones of blue, little yellow tail fin and yellow tipped side fins. To top off this baby Dory you see the giant adorable Dory eyes that will just melt your heart.

Made from a very soft and fuzzy plush material that has many of it’s features done with a durable embroidered style. The belly is filled with beans to give it some weight and character. The Baby Dory plush measures 8 inches in total length.

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buy Cheshire Cat Fleece Blanket

Cheshire Cat Fleece Blanket

If you like Alice in Wonderland and need a blanket then you should get this Cheshire Cat fleece blanket as it is just perfect.

The fleece blanket is purple on the top and pink on the bottom and in the middle, you find the face of the Cheshire Cat so basically the whole blanket it the face of this famous cat.

You can get this Alice In Wonderland blanket in 3 sizes 30 x 40 inches, 50 x 60 inches, and 60 x 80 inches and all are made from 100% soft polyester fleece.

A Cheshire Cat fan will love this blanket on their bed but it works great on the couch to or even for a tea party in the park.

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buy Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Plush

Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum Plush

If you like Tsum Tsum characters then you have to check out this Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum plush.

The cute Disney character became so much more fun thanks to the Tsum Tsum design.

This is a mini Tsum Tsum plush and is a 3 1/2 inches long and stackable so that you can add them to your stack of Tsum Tsum plushes you have or Mickey can be the one that starts the collection.

The originally from Japan Tsum characters are adorable and as they are based on a Disney character one of those things that belong in your Disney collection.

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buy Alice In Wonderland Cuckoo Clock

Alice In Wonderland Cuckoo Clock

If you need a clock and you like Alice In Wonderland then you should check out this Alice In Wonderland cuckoo clock.

This is a really special clock that looks like the hat that the Mad Hatter wears and on that hat, you can find many amazing details and many characters from the story and yes it does include Alice and the Cheshire cat.

The Alice In Wonderland clock does not have a little bird coming out every hour but a cup with a mouse in it instead.

And what use is a clock in the dark if there isn’t any light and that is why they build in LED lights in the clock that also charges glow in the dark details.

The Alice In Wonderland cuckoo clock is battery operated so you can hang it anywhere you want.

Get your Alice In Wonderland Cuckoo Clock

buy Moana And Maui Paper Plates

Moana And Maui Paper Plates

If you want to have a Moana themed party then you just need these Moana paper plates.

These party supplies are made to impress everyone that loves this Disney movie and on the square plates you can find Moana and Maui and they look like they want a piece of birthday cake.

The Moana plates come in a pack of 8 and measure 7 x 7 inches.

If your child loves Moana and would like to have Moana birthday party then look no further as these plates are just what you need to get the party going.

These plates are the smaller kind and that makes them perfect for the small hands of kids and great for cake and snacks.

Get your Moana And Maui Paper Plates

buy LEGO Moana’s Ocean Voyage set 41150

LEGO Moana’s Ocean Voyage set 41150

If you enjoyed the Disney Movie Moana and you like LEGO then you should check out this Moana’s Ocean Voyage LEGO set.

This is LEGO set 41150 and is rated ages 6 – 12 and has 307 pieces.

The Moana LEGO set does include Moana, Maui, and Heihei so the characters are there and there is also the canoe and the Fiti island that transformation function and a catapult.

So this LEGO set is not just fun to build it is also great to play with and now you can replay the Moana movie and change it a bit so that it is just the way you want it to be.

Get your LEGO Moana’s Ocean Voyage set 41150

buy Finding Dory Pajama Set (2 pairs)

Finding Dory Pajama Set (2 pairs)

Now you can have your girl wear Finding Dory pajamas as this set includes 2 pajamas and that makes it extra fun.

One pair of pajamas is light blue and a purple shirt front with on it Dory and Nemo and the text “She’s Fluent In Whale”. And the other pajama is pink and covered in Nemo And Dory.

This Finding Nemo pajama set is made from 100% cotton and is available in sizes for little and big kids so that you girl can get one Finding Dory pajama.

And these two pajama’s are also great for mitch match wearing the shirt and top of the other pajama so it’s almost like you get 3 pajamas for the price of two.

Get your Finding Dory Pajama Set (2 pairs)

buy Moana Wall Calendar 2017

Moana Wall Calendar 2017

Moana is one of those Disney movies that people will remember and that is why you need this 2017 Moana wall calendar.

The wall calendar will show you Moana and her friends the whole year long and every month there will be something new to see and bring back memories to this amazing Disney movie.

Yes besides great images the wall calendar also has a great calendar that will have the important holidays already on there but leaving plenty of room to mark your birthday and other important occasions.

Now just make room on a nice wall for your next calendar the 2017 Moana wall calendar.

Get your Moana Wall Calendar 2017

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buy Maui And Hook Ceramic Mug

Maui And Hook Ceramic Mug

Now there is a mug with the mighty Maui on it from the Disney movie Moana.

The ceramic mug comes in different colors so that you can have the handle color and inside color you like and yes plain white is an option.

On the mug, you can see a picture of Maui and he is resting his big hook on his shoulder. A Moana mug like this is great for drinking out and it does not have to be coffee or tea.

The Maui mug is dishwasher and microwave safe so that it can be easy to use while keeping in perfect shape for a long time.

Get your Maui And Hook Ceramic Mug

buy Moana And Pua Watch

Moana And Pua Watch

Now there is a Moana watch that you can customize to be perfect for you.

For this watch, you can pick the band colors and yes that means even the bottom and top color can be different just like on the picture and you can choose a watch that is black, white, or clear.

On the watch face, you can see Moana and her pig Pua and they look happy as they both are smiling.

The Moana watch is water resistant so you should not go swimming with it when you hang out with Moana and Maui and it has a Japanese clock so you know it will run on time.

Get your Moana And Pua Watch