buy Forky Not A Toy T-Shirt

Forky Not A Toy T-Shirt

Toy Story Forky Not A Toy T-Shirt

Now Toy Story fans can get this Forky Not A Toy T-Shirt.

If you have seen Toy Story 4 then you know that Forky insists that he is not a toy but Bonnie made this cool character and really thinks of him as a toy but this t-shirt is about his opinion.

You can get this Toy Story t-shirt in style for men, women, and kids and it comes in many colors and a whole lot of sizes going all the way up to an adults 10XL.

On the t-shirt, you can see Forky in a look that makes it feel like he is painted on the shirt and then below his picture it says “I’m not a toy”.

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