buy Forky Not A Toy T-Shirt

Forky Not A Toy T-Shirt

Now Toy Story fans can get this Forky Not A Toy T-Shirt.

If you have seen Toy Story 4 then you know that Forky insists that he is not a toy but Bonnie made this cool character and really thinks of him as a toy but this t-shirt is about his opinion.

You can get this Toy Story t-shirt in style for men, women, and kids and it comes in many colors and a whole lot of sizes going all the way up to an adults 10XL.

On the t-shirt, you can see Forky in a look that makes it feel like he is painted on the shirt and then below his picture it says “I’m not a toy”.

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buy Woody Magnetic Picture Frame

Woody Magnetic Picture Frame

Now Toy Story fans can have this Woody Magnetic Picture Frame with their own picture inside it.

This photo frame can hold a 4 x 6 photo and that will then be surrounded by Woody as he is everyone’s favorite cowboy.

And this Toy Story picture frame is magnetic so that it can live on many metal surfaces like your fridge or maybe your locker at school or work.

Now a true Toy Story fan can have their picture together with Woody in one frame and that is something every true fan will love as Woody and Toy Story are so cool.

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buy Toy Story Alien Backpack

Toy Story Alien Backpack

The people from Lougefly now offer this amazing looking Toy Story Alien Backpack.

The 3 eyed green creature we all know and love is not bigger then we are used to as this Toy Story backpack is 11″ x 4 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ and really looks like one of the Aliens from the Toy Story movies.

An amazing backpack has mesh side pockets so that you can easily take a water bottle or maybe an apple with you and inside the backpack, there is a slide pocket too so that it is really useful too.

You can use this Alien backpack for school, work, and lots of other adventures as it is really nice and functional.

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buy Forky Save The Earth Recycle Baby Bodysuit

Forky Save The Earth Recycle Baby Bodysuit

Now really little Toy Story fans can wear this cute Forky Save The Earth Recycle Baby Bodysuit.

The baby snapsuit comes in sizes 6 -24 months and a couple of different colors too.

On the bodysuit, you can see Forky complete with her red pipe cleaner arms and she seems to be saying “Save The Earth Recycle!” as that is what is printed around it.

So if you want to make your own Forky then make sure to recycle a used plastic fork as we already have too much single-use plastic in landfills and everywhere else.

Your infant can start to change the world even at a young age by promoting recycling while wearing this Toy Story bodysuit.

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buy Buzz Lightyear Sneakers

Buzz Lightyear Sneakers

Toy Story fans with adult feet can now wear these Buzz Lightyear Sneakers.

The kids will be so jealous when they see you wear these Toy Story shoes as they are really cool.

These sneakers look just like the shoes that Buzz Lightyear wears and could even be part of your Halloween costume but look great under your jeans too.

White sneakers with green and purple is what you will get when you get these shoes and these are also the color of the outfit Buzz Lightyear wears.

Toy Story 4 or any of the other Toy Story movies these shoes will fit right in.

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buy Forky Mr. Potato Head

Forky Mr. Potato Head

Now Toy Story fans can get their own Forky Mr. Potato Head.

All the true fans of Toy Story know that Mr. Potato Head is part of the movies but now something strange happened because now there is a Mr. Potato Head toy that is based on Forky which is kinda strange but also really fun.

This Toy Story 4 toy is good for kids ages 2+ and if you already have a lot of different Mr. Potato Head toys then it is good to know that you can mix and match items from most other Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys.

Forky is a great addition to your collection as she looks really fun with her red arms and funny eyes.

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buy Toy Story Forky Plush

Toy Story Forky Plush

Now there is this cute Toy Story Forky Plush.

This is a plush version of the new character of Toy Story 4 and this one is made to be a plush not a plastic fork with pipe cleaners as arms.

This plush Forky is 8 inches tall and has the typical googly eyes in two different sizes and even some cool red eyebrows and the fork look that is not actually is a fork so safer for the kids.

Pixar did a great job with the Toy Story movies and the fun characters that came from it and Forky is just one of those characters you just have to love.

Get your Toy Story Forky Plush

buy Forky Assembly Instructions T-Shirt

Forky Assembly Instructions T-Shirt

Now Toy Story fans young and old can all get their own Forky Assembly Instructions T-Shirt.

This Toy Story t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in a whole big range of sizes so that the whole family can enjoy wearing one.

If you ever bought something at IKEA then you know their typical assembly instructions and this t-shirt shows the assembly instruction of Forky and as you can see they even made the name a bit more Swedish.

So not only can be wearing this fun Toy Story 4 t-shirt you can also make your own Forky as the shirt tells you how to build it.

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buy Toy Story Dress

Toy Story Dress

Now there is a fun a Toy Story Dress that is just perfect for summer.

This women’s Toy Story dress is available in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and is made from 53% polyester, 43% cotton and 4% spandex

The dress looks a bit like a long t-shirt and maybe even a nightgown but it is fun as it is blue with red and yellow stripes and the big Toy Story logo on the front.

And like any good casual dress, this one has pockets too.

This fun Toy Story dress is just perfect for summer as it is cute, casual and lose fitting.

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buy Red Pizza Planet Cap

Red Pizza Planet Cap

Toy Story fans can now wear this fun Red Pizza Planet Cap that just shows how much you like the Toy Story movies.

This Toy Story hat is nice and red and has on the front in white the Pizza Planet logo with the Pizza Planet and the text.

And this Pizza Planet cap is adjustable in size so that this one size fits most hat is just what you need as you can make it fit your head perfectly.

So now you can show the world how much you like Toy Story without being too obvious to people that never seen the movies.

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