Grey Pinkie Pie All Over T-Shirt

Posted on January 29, 2013 by George buy Grey Pinkie Pie All Over T-Shirt

Grey Pinkie Pie All Over T-Shirt

Is Pinkie Pie your favorite pony from My Little Pony?

If so then you are gone love this t-shirt.

Because on this grey women’s t-shirt you can find Pinkie Pie all over. This little pink pony can be found a bunch of times all over this junior fit My Little Pony t-shirt.

And this Pinkie Pie t-shirt comes in a range of junior sizes from Small – X-Large.

If you are looking for a new My Little Pony T-Shirt then you should check out thisĀ My Little Pony Grey Pinkie Pie All Over T-Shirt.

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