buy Twilight Sparkle Heart Sticker

Twilight Sparkle Heart Sticker

My Little Pony fans can now get this Twilight Sparkle Heart Sticker to have a pony near you where ever you want.

This is vinyl cut to shape sticker that is available in many sizes and also in gloss, matte, and transparent.

The sticker looks like a heart and on it you can see Twilight Sparkle the purple pony and she seems to be sleeping and her manes fall in the shape of the heart.

It is a fun sticker for all the fans of My Little Pony and you can stick it on almost anything flat like you computer, school binder, window, or even the car.

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buy Rainbow Dash Key Chain

Rainbow Dash Key Chain

Now My Little Pony fans can get there own Rainbow Dash Key Chain.

This key chain has a metal Rainbow Dash on it that has all the colors of this pony on top to make it look just like the real Rainbow Dash.

And like every good key chain this has a key loop for your keys too and there is a little clip to so that you can clip things to it.

Besides for your keys you can use this to as a fun charm for on your backpack or your jacket.

My Little Pony is fun and now you can bring Rainbow Dash with you whenever you take your keys.

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buy Rainbow Dash 6th Birthday T-Shirt

Rainbow Dash 6th Birthday T-Shirt

My Little Pony fans can now get this Rainbow Dash 6th Birthday T-Shirt.

This shirt is personalized with your child’s name without extra cost and shows Rainbow Dash standing next to a big number 6 making this a fun birthday t-shirt.

You can get this My Little Pony t-shirt in many colors and also comes in a wide selection of kids sizes.

I am sure that the kids are going to love this t-shirt as it has their name on it and their favorite pony on it.

Rainbow Dash loves to be part of the 6 years olds birthday and it can be really close as it is printed on the shirt.

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buy My Little Pony Bicycle Helmet

My Little Pony Bicycle Helmet

Now there is a My Little Pony Bicycle Helmet to keep your child’s head safe.

This kids helmet is great for all the kids that love MLP and playing outside as it is lie the sky with clouds and then there are some rainbows and of course many ponies so that everyone knows that it is a My Little Pony helmet.

Riding bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, or even a skateboard this could be the helmet your child needs.

The My Little Pony helmet is made for kids ages 3 – 5 and has a easy turn dial on the back to adjust the size.

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buy MLP Rainbow Dash Headband

MLP Rainbow Dash Headband

If you like to be part of My Little Pony then check out this Rainbow Dash Headband.

The headband is one size fits most so that kids and adults can be enjoying to be a pony.

As you can see the headband is light blue in color just like Rainbow Dash and the rainbow manes are there to so that you can have the hair of Rainbow Dash in the fun bright colors.

Having bright colored bangs is fun and could be part of a party item or as part of your Halloween costume.

So help anyone becoming Rainbow Dash by getting them this hair accessory.

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buy MLP Stars Bath Mat

MLP Stars Bath Mat

Now getting out of the bath is so much better all thanks to this My Little Pony stars bath mat.

The bath mat has a dark blue background and you will find the text “My Little Pony” on it many times and lots of stars and in the stars you can see Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy.

The MLP bath mat just looks great with all the colors and is great at making standing on the cold bath room floor a lot more comfortable.

The bath math is available in two sizes 24 x 35 and 17 x 24 and it is mildew and mold resistant and machine washable so that it can be your bath mat for a long time.

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buy MLP Drawing Wallet

MLP Drawing Wallet

Now there is an amazing My Little Pony Drawing Wallet for all your wallet needs.

This MLP wallet is made from black top grain leather and then on the front of the bifold wallet you can find a drawing that shows many Ponies in front of a white background and it looks like the ponies are colored in by pencils and that makes it look really amazing.

Inside the My Little Pony wallet you will find 6 credit card slots and one is an ID card slot that is see through so that your ID can stay in it while you can see your ID details.

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buy My Little Pony Popsockets

My Little Pony Popsockets

Now there are My Little Pony Popsockets and you want to see them.

The Popsocket we see in the picture has Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash on it giving each other a nice hug but there are others just click on the picture to se al the options.

The Popsocket is white with the images on the back and you will see it every time you look at the back of your phone and it is retractable so that it takes up very little space when it is in your pocket but then you can pull it out to full size to hold your phone computably and it is even a stand so that you can put your phone on the table for you to watch a movie or something.

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buy Rainbow Dash Plush

Rainbow Dash Plush

If you are looking for a cute plus then this My Little Pony Rainbow Dash plush.

The plush is made by Ty and looks just like the real Rainbow Dash does on TV.

The My Little Pony plush is 13 inches in size and the pony is light blue as expected and it has blue wings on it’s back and then there are the colorful manes just like Rainbow Dash has.

A cute plush like this is what all the My Little Pony fans as it just will look so cute in your home and both kids and adults will enjoy owning one.

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buy 2019 My Little Pony Wall Calendar

2019 My Little Pony Wall Calendar

If you want a fun pony calendar then you should check out this 2019 My Little Pony wall calendar.

The wall calendar is all about the cute ponies we all know and love and the calendar will bring a new cool image of the My Little Pony each month of 2019 and this is a 16 month calendar so you will have fun with this calendar in 2018 too.

Your new wall calendar has all the major holidays filled out on the calendar grid and there is room for dates that are important to you like birthday’s and maybe pizza night.

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